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Learnt to pray

I hath learnt to pray…
Jezebel daughters
Shall turn blind and
Go froze, subzero cold….
By the tingly sound
And call of His names.

And Pharaohs shall be
Mad as March hare
And powerless foes
While I chest missiles
Back to the senders
I hath learnt to pray.

©2017 Vinzpoetry.wordpress.com
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

Lashing coffins

Fact pigs have desires
To be forever kings…

Watch words they fire
And bullets they tuck in…

What they bring for dinner
Might not see them blink

It is good to be a winner
Why block another sink

Note that breathe is a vampire
Awaiting the sleeping coffin.

Love blind; love sees…!

When love is blind
Our hearts are sight
We date all kinds
For no benefits.

But when love sees
We stick to choice
We see with thoughts.

When love is blind
You get married
To complications
With eyes open….

But if love sees
We see no breathe
In dying bird
And thorny beds.

When love is blind
Foes are so not
Our arch enemies
We love crazily…

And if love sees
We know so well
It could be blind
But we made our choice…

©2017 Vinzpoetry.wordpress.com
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu.

Bight of Igbo

People of Igbo
Unity you know
Is what you owe

Complains will not
Fix screws to nuts
Nor make ties knot

Bights can straighten
Be not threatened
You are born king

And your kingdom
Goes moribund
By greedy bond

You are green white
Do not pick fight
Or try to separate

Instead make kites
Fly on your land
And the blue sky.

©2017 Vinzpoetry.wordpress.com
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

Your body

Your body
Is divine
And so smooth
Like powder…

Can I touch,
And behold
Your sweet sweat…

Sugar taste
Clean clear cut
Perfect face…

Your body
Is a craft
Art by God’s
Perfect hand…

©2017 Vinzpoetry.wordpress.com
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu
Image source: poka art

Cat and fox

Walking in a sage of love,
A cat out the cage I spot
On my gauge I had a shot,

Just a bullet in the gun
Cartridge spins fast like the fan
A fox I spot in my plan.

Attractive more when she dance
Meeting her was not by chance
She wiped my brain upon a glance.

And breath air into my life
Now I call her my sweet wife;
The cat and fox in my life.

©2017 Vinzpoetry.wordpress.com
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu.

A bleeding poem

Not my faults roses withers in gardens
Yet it bred two phases so hot and cold.

Forget bullets, apple kill angels
Fighting with weapons, bow and arrows

Not my fault broken hearts are torn belts
I am just a poet that draws a heat

Of the two faces of a love and hate
First or the last, hearts that bled will heal.

©2017 Vinzpoetry.wordpress.com
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu
Image source: google

The bamboo

The bamboo is black
And dark as your
Pretty black face…

Woody as your heels
And straight as your
Pretty long legs…

The bamboo is black
And round as your
Pretty eye balls…

I see your soul
Strong as its stem;
I love your dear.

The bamboo is black
And jointed like us
United love twins.

Without you here
I am hollow
Just like bamboo.

©2017 Vinzpoetry.wordpress.com
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

Front of me

I so kissed
A skinny
Dark lady;
Her body thick
Like the beetles..

In my dreams
She is cool
New and fresh
Like the fall of
The morning dew…

Not until
The rings fix
The fingers;
She never stood
In front of me.

©2017 Vinzpoetry.wordpress.com
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

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