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Internet lament

I wanted to do a video for this but it was not bright enough.

Yesterday I faked my birthday on Facebook and I got crowd of people calling and texting. It’s obvious we care about digits, we care about years than lifespan. We care about memories on social media…

The message I wish to pass is that we have lived so much on the internet that we forget the essence of a real world.

I have an extreme dislike for certain unethical stuffs I can’t mention.

I have seen people broke as fuck upload pictures and stories, painting their broke as rich, claiming to be Porsche or soft.

We have lived so much on the internet and now bring our fanatics and sarcasm into it.

We now don’t know how to tuale at our older ones, we go cursing our grandfather easily because of social media…

We have all turned social religious critics and journalist. We comment and find likes and followers as if it is the criteria to make heaven.

We have made friends with, Rabbi, ritualists, ashawo, witches and wizards… Sane and Insane.

We make plans to meet, some guys plan sex, some girls gold dig.

I have met friends on Facebook who are MJ fine but offline are beautiful only in Gods eye.

I have met friends online, chatted with them as if we’ve ever met, still chatting for years though, it never ends…

I have seen a lot of fake and real, if you have no job please get a pay and don’t go thinking everyone online are jobless as you.

Many people are relationship jumpers because of social media, many lust after the impossibilities…. Having pictures of tall, 6 muscular guys and big boobs and big butt hottie’s… Hoping to breath life into rainbows.

Well my message is please not everything you see online is true.

And one thing we all need to learn is patience, patience in love, patience in relationship, patience in job, patience in the world… While we stay youthful in old.

Thank you… I remain Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu



  1. successorinspirational says:

    One of the reasons why people live fake lives is because of lack of Contentment which will only worsen things in the long run.

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  2. Funny but true! I could not help laughing out loud in the course of reading through the post.

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  3. Indeed. People will live whatever way they choose. Some “Fake it, until they make it” as hopes, dreams, and fantasy are all apart of existence. It is more so, how one chooses to BE, that will govern who they are. Loving of self would make living so much better for life itself. Great piece!
    “Namastè & One Love”❤️💛💚

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  4. sabpoet says:

    Characteristics of people who are sleeping wide awake….


  5. ComputerBook says:

    It is more so, how one chooses to BE, that will regulate who they are.

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