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Black African Boy

I don’t need to over emphasize
Where my glorious root shoots from
On my nails you can’t find dices
But cowries and Shea butter moist.

Mosquitoes love to have a taste
Of my blood, red thick and rich.
All the birds know I reach
Heights without feathers and wings.

I don’t need to over emphasize
On my skin, clearly you will see
The large hides of an elephant
And spotted coats of a leopard,

I am as cool as a cucumber
And most dangerous as a Hippo
The poisonous snakes and scorpions
Have venoms that are scared of me.

I don’t need to over emphasize
I drink from the biggest calabash
And palm wine I share with the gods
Of my motherland and simple soul;

In my breath you will smell leaves
From the vines of old forest trees
And the rabbits fear the smoke
Of my ancestral names and gins

I don’t need to over emphasize
By the blinks of my misty eyes
You will see the mountain lions
Roaring with the sight of an Eagle.

Ashes of Phoenix; spirits don’t die…
I am not shy to see rivers flow
Nature loves me without a snow
It is evident in the way I glow

I don’t need to over emphasize
Who I am but watch my shadows
The images of Godzilla and Apes
That you see, in imaginations

Ain’t true, I am not a superhero
I roam in the ghettos and jungles
Celebrating new yam festivals
And dancing as masquerades

I don’t need to over emphasize
Just as the shadows grows taller
When the scorching solar Sun
Is right behind or far in front of it

The short green grasses and wild cats
In me, grows tall like the Giraffes
I am yes; that little African boy
Enslaved socially by toys you made.

2018 Vinzpoetry.wordpress.com

Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu


  1. amicubasite says:



  2. Sara Wright says:

    Oh, this is amazing – I love the way you take back your stolen power in such a creative way. The poet in me bows to your exquisite writing.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Metaphorically genius! Inspiring as I’m trying to work on metaphors myself



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