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Nature seeks balance

There is such a beautiful thing
Called ugly logical mystery.
Studied and comprehended
Yet never understood.

This thing spits out fluids
This thing brings out flames
And come rain and come sun
Every day a child is born.

Born and wired by default
To be found even with faults
Yet on his peculiar bolts
Nature draw threads for a nut.

Around which leaves start flying
When the storm comes whirling
From the large breathing nose
Of the great beautiful universe.

Thus unsettling the dirty dust
As life, to run in such a rush
And within his pumping chest
Is pestilence of a fickle heart

Disturbing minds, blowing fences
For all senses to experience
The magnanimous wonder
Existence shall love to ponder.

Sitting on a rocking seesaw
Short, life is cooked and raw
Reaching for an equilibrium
Tapping switches, off and on;

Beside the controlling force
Is existence gravity source
On Earth, Nature a thing
Giving dust and taking points of origin.

©2018 vinzpoetry.wordpress.com
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu



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