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A Savior that never came

I was sent down
To save the world
From Herself
And breath on shelf…

From a distance
I stare at the
Scintillating wonders
Of Her elegance,

From the fresh air
Escaping through
The narrow gateways
Of an open leg

I perceived
The sweet cologne
Of Her fragrance,
Without emergence…

The white and blue
Were all panicking
“Don’t loose him
Don’t loose the mother”…

But … In my zone
I hummed after
The whistling palm
And echoes from the sky…

I hear voices calling His name
Strangely by different ways
From the sermon and mindsets
Thinking brains adopted

I could feel the vibration
Of Mother Earth
Resisting the ocean
From engulfing Her…

Through the closed eyes
I saw but I never came
Nor conquered the dark
By bringing delight

With a cry of a baby
On the mouth to suck
The nipples of milk
On the chest of a female

It is not that I love
To let the milk get sour
But I just can’t soar
With an immortal body

I could have been infected
By the magnanimous pleasure
And irresistible temptations
Mother Earth was wired by

I could not stand the chance,
Living on a borrowed time
Acquiring immerse wealth
Fighting for Her with nothing left…

Do not ask me what I mean
If you do not know
Where I have been;
Living timeless without pain…

So from a distance
I chose stillbirth
So I could bring down rains
When She is weak and dry

And when Her child depart
I join her cry bringing thunder
Expecting another episode
Of exit and entrance to life.

©2018 Vinzpoetry.wordpress.com
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu


  1. […] Source: A Savior that never came […]

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  2. jfastereft says:

    THE ONLY WAY a poem. 05/20/2018 Sunday a.k.a. : “THE SAVIOR WHO NEVER CAME!”
    We waited, waited LONG (so long) expecting-your-arrival,
    OUR SAVIOR, whom we trusted: The Key to Our Survival!
    As days and weeks and months went by, our resolutions wavered,
    “Why?” we asked; “Oh, why, so long?” Our tears we often savored, Waiting for your fine return, THE YEARS BETRAYED OUR MASTER! The love we THOUGHT (s)he had for us – was FALSE; we faced disaster! As generations pushed on by, the sacred, written promise – Of Love and Joy and Peace DID FADE! And, now, it was Good Thomas, The Doubtful One, we had become, for when “the signs dry up,” THERE’S ONLY DOUBT –
    SO, we don’t “look” – and long ago, the cup / Of salvation, peace and hope – WAS LOST! SO SHALL WE MERELY COPE?
    With every day existence? Our gray and mundane lives? we now do share, and we don’t care (pause) that we live in hives!
    And seldom exchange glances – no hope, no joy, no Love – We simply gave up – on that waiting (pause) ABANDONED FROM ABOVE! Our strategy? as time trudged on – was: GLORIFY THIS PLACE! Make it Heaven, here on Earth – LIFT its weary face! And so – it meant developing – sacred – TECHNO-LOGY, and medical procedures – to conquer chemistry! We build us palaces and shrines, to-surpass ALL ever made, With energy, beyond compare – A World-ly Up-Grade! SO, COMFORT AND EFFICIENCY AND “PAST TIMES” ARE DIVINE! And, now, success is measured – by how much we call: “MINE!” Yet, hidden (a)-midst-our-luxury, a sprite called Peace & Hope, Emerged, as from a Black Hole, observing how we’d cope! With Imagining-We-Had-Abandoned-Lives; for, Love is TRULY known, by how much love you have in you – when “NO ONE’S ON THE PHONE!” But, SOMEONE’S A L W A Y S LISTENING AND WATCHING HOW THINGS GO, To-determine IF YOUR LOVE IS TRUE AND WHAT YOUR SEEDS WILL GROW! fin. <3
    "The ONLY way to determine IF you REALLY love me is – for me to disappear and see what you do next!" The Mystic POEt https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LLPj2h0N3bU

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  3. It’s so beautiful and touching..

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