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How can we be one

Blood pool in the east
Explosions down south
Hausa kill Igbo’s
Herdsmen kill farmers.

There are columns
That turns me off
Each time I am
Filling a form

I so dislike
The religions options
It makes me wonder
Whose God is right…

I so dislike
Columns of origin
And emphasis on
Local government…

Though we have
To identify
Our identity
And our zones

But that is what
The politicians use
To rip us apart
How can we be one?

When we have planted
A mustard seed
For the differences
In religion and tribe.

If you have the power
To correct our wrongs
Please listen to this lament
And cry for a united world.

©2018 Vinzpoetry.wordpress.com
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu


  1. luttajeff says:

    Beautiful lines

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  2. Talking to us too through your poetry, not just talkingvto yourself.

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  3. monique jim says:


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  4. monique jim says:

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  5. Wow. The history of pain and negligence handed down from Nigerian powers is still ongoing. It’s still making history. The Biafran war may have ended in the 70s, but the reason for the fighting has not disappeared.

    Beautiful work.


  6. Awesome poem, Vincent and such a true picture. Where are we going in this world where there is only selfishness and what can our God who is One in all of us do. Nothing.

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  7. sandymancan says:

    Cries that ring through a beating heart your poem captures that lost that will be for not if the people are unwilling to stop. I’m in Penang, Malaysia right now young lady I met, got to know and then cared for was forced to return to Lagos, Nigeria May 25 2018 of all things letting her passport expire it was with a heavy heart watching her leave. I learned a lot about Nigeria from her and will make it a point to go see for myself.

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    • Vinz says:

      Wow… Such a tragedy … But she will return after she sort the expired passport out. As for coming to Nigeria to experience what you’ve learned, it might not really be a true picture of you come and spend a few weeks… Besides, most visitors are only shown beautiful Lagos and Abuja

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      • sandymancan says:

        Yes visitor’s eyes but that’s not for me I’m traveling explorer time is not in my concept of my explorations the location dictates. Thailand needed 90 days, Singapore asked for 60 days and so far Malaysia has demanded 180 days, I like Malaysia. How long in Nigeria? that’s up to Nigeria.

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