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A million me

She demands I pick side
With and by her all the time
Like the American Revolution
And the British Tory

If science has an intent
To deceive but tell truth
Behold I shall take off
Into the laboratory

Not to wear white coat
Or sophisticated tools
Neither to solve crimes
Nor stalk certificates to shelf..

Surrounded by glasswares
Throw stones but tag me no nerd
I wish to extract my genes
And to clone myself.

A million copies of me,
Perfect for her fantasies
Each to take charge
Of being there for her…

In each seconds of time
I shall no longer miss out
The moments in time
No more ‘I forgot…. argh!!”

I will be lying with her
While another me prepares
Her favorite meal
With no hesitation…

No more running late
I shall be her other shadow
While the other me cuddle
Her lofty skin with emotion

A million me shall solve
Challenges of distance
Imagine this like a fodder
Stalk with plenty of hay…

A million clones of me
Shall love her a million ways
Permanently relieving her and I
From tantrums of the day.

©2018 Http://vinzpoetry.wordpress.com
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu


  1. Emilia Udemba says:

    nice one Vinz. I’m sure many people would relate to this.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Dabir Dalton says:

    Or better yet dump her and enjoy the resulting peace and quiet. :)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Vinx says:

      Sir Dabir Dalton.. What if she is his oxygen?


      • Dabir Dalton says:

        Then he is either a masochist or a fool – perhaps both.

        The reason women engage in this type of abusive behavior; is because men put up with it by failing to set boundaries in their relationship.


        • Vinx says:

          So both side of the coin, who deserves to be shown?

          Everyone seek protections, when they are unsecured… Same implies to relationship and attention.

          The world is a male dominant world if these characters we speak of (attention, nagging etc) are not propelled by the females, their gender might be considered irrelevant by men but for just sex, chores and birth.


  3. Hi Vinx. Gave up after two wives now an independent man! Thank you for calling by and wanting to follow my poetry adventures! Writing is my passion that keeps me sane and alive! Observe this crazy violent virtual reality society! Like all things Paranormal! UFO’s! Conspiracy theories! Great to meet you#TheFoureyedPoet.


    • Vinx says:

      Nice to meet you sir… I am a curious learner… It will be an honor reading your work. As for two wives divorce, sorry to hear that. But as long as your heart it at peace, it means you are doing great…



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