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Sonnet: Message to LGBT community

Stop Lesbianism, stop gay, stop bisexuality
Humans are meant to be heterosexual
One in zero, not all these homosexualities
Mad men in nosocomial are shackled
Treated of their delirious diseases
Not psyched that they are normal.
Why not treat the hormonal imbalances.

Transgender, the stunts of science
Bestiality, the puppets of the demons
To what end, would these continue
Probably when, it becomes more than a culture
And the true sexuality of human nature
Is lost and forever forgotten in six bands..
Oh, please; stop backing the wrong horse.

©2019 https://vinzpoetry.wordpress.com
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu


  1. So what is your overall message supposed to be in this poem? I’m not trying to be rude at all I’m honestly just curious.

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  2. Wordcipher says:

    Looks like he doesn’t agree with the idea that LGBT people are following nature’s course…anyway second stanza 6th line, “human nature” not “humans nature” I suppose. I think he will answer for himself eventually.

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    • Lol… #StopHomosexuality, #StopBestiality #Transgender

      Those are the messages.

      Treat the hormonal imbalances if it is medical condition, don’t encourage homosexuals, don’t encourage transgenders and Bestiality

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  3. edwinsaxton says:

    I commend your bravery for voicing your opinion in this world of virtue signallers and SJWs. Nobody has an obligation to accept everything and we all have the freedom to express ourselves however we see fit. If you don’t like LGBT then it’s your right to say so.

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    • What’s your own view, so I can see from your stands, and gain wit.

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      • edwinsaxton says:

        I believe homosexuality, bisexuality, transsexuality, et al, are being pushed unnecessarily hard. It’s almost as though they’re trying to convince children to be anything other than straight. I believe there’s an agenda going on for certain. Having said that, I’m not bothered by the LGBTQ community in general. If they want to marry each other then whatever. What I don’t want is people telling young children that it’s okay to be LGBTQ when they don’t even understand what sexual preference even is at that age. I also think transsexualism could be construed as a mental health issue using the example that if an able-bodied person went to their doctor and said, “I identify as being physically disabled, I believe I was born in the wrong body, and I would like my legs to be amputated on the NHS,” they would be treated as being mentally ill, yet if a person wishes to mutilate their genitalia because they feel they’re a different sex that’s just fine. It kinda creeps me out to be honest.

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