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Blood will out

Till I broke jaw,
I was wiser
Now am a fool
It feels better.

Absence of horns,
Should never count
As lack of tool
Please know better.

Like an odour,
Is character
Many people,
Wear spray on it.

In rule of law,
Brain is better
Than brawn that full
Bottomless pits

Things I have seen
In some scholars
Unravelled clues;
When ‘blood will out’.

©2019 http://vinzpoetry.WordPress.com
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu


  1. twisted thoughts says:

    Without the brain
    Brawn Is useless without the brawn
    The brain is weak

    Both brain and brawn are interconnected together they are a team; separate they are both useless.

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    • Vinx says:

      Brain is better than brawn simply means, intelligence is better than physical strength.

      For most battles, it is not by size but by wisdom.


      • twisted thoughts says:

        Not always! My grandmother was very intelligent – I always lost whenever we played checkers – yet here I am a Poet and she never wrote a single poem.

        My point is intelligence is variable and tactics depend on time, place and luck as well; and there are times when only overwhelming brutal strength will bring about the victory.

        It’s like United we stand. Divided we fall. :)

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  3. 👌
    “Absence of horns,
    Should never count
    As lack of tool
    Please know better”

    You’re deep bro

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