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Somonka: Mr. and Mrs. Right

The sun shone out bright
After the flood came washing
Streams into an Ocean
And heart broken emotion
Turned into good erosion.

The past melted the times
When they came breaking the horns
It is dead and gone
The dawning of a new Sun
Mr. and Mrs Right’s turn.

Love is a sweet smell
When ordained, it rise and swell
Never burst as well…
Best men, bridesmaid, ring a bell
For these couples of sweet gel.

Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu


#Haiku: Up

I have just a dream,
To be the cream of the crop
Stay up never drop.

Rough, smooth, up and down
I see myself, smile not frown
At the peak and brim.

Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

#Haiku: Dead inside

I never knew hearts
Where so clouded like an eye
Placed frozen in ice.

Frozen to dead stone
White and flaky as a snow
With an unusual flow…

How was I to know
That the breeze can never blow
When blood cease to flow.

Tankas – Be mine

Please be my sheer wine,
My love and soulmate in brine,
Fine, you are divine;
No bribe, but pride bride of mine
Poetic verses, and line.


In the radiant of your lights,
We’re one and same spectra;
Having similar spiritual habits
Same sounds, and same drummer.

Snoring alike, we fall asleep
And travel from flesh and bones;
Into same dreams and share of leap,
To know the shape; of our lovely souls.

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