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Native Fly: Legends of Aza

Have you been through Dein’s kingdom
Blessed with kaoline, and great chiefdoms
Tapping palm wines with so much freedom
Harvesting tubbers longer than five hands,
Like an ocean, that surrounds an island
Dein’s kingdom encompasses all kinds.

The Oza people, speak a distinct language
Not far from Benin; legends have it, in ages
That Aza let loose lovebirds from cages.
He was a warrior from the Benin Empire
That was struck by the naked love wire
Of Princess Odu who was as hot as fire.

But it all began on a very long journey
When the Princess had to rest her kneel,
The troops were delighted to stop and heel.
Like they say; “love happens like magic”
Even in circumstance that may seem tragic
For a great warrior, suddenly chose meek.

Abandoning a mission, love betide was strong
That the troops realized, “Aza must be wrong”
Hence they left him to bloom or die in thong
Instead the lovebirds begat a son, Uvbere
And the land which they had dwell in merry
Was called Oza, to immortalize a love story.

©2018 https://vinzpoetry.wordpress.com
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

Smart Aleck

The clocks ticks slow but moves so fast
Patience we loose whereas no time

We emulate the flying birds
Creating the planes without feathers

No doubt we are the wise apple
But we are worst than the cattle

We love the riots and disorder
We love the blood of our brothers

We spank and we rape our sisters
Yet we are above the animals

We are smart Aleck the wisest guys
But foolish in using knowledge.

©2017 Vinzpoetry.wordpress.com
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

The helpless

We have none, you have pairs
We have rags, golds you wear
New you buy, we repair
Nuts we earn, yours is square

We are poor; and aware
You are the billionaires
Isn’t it crystal clear
The gap between us glares

Those that claim to care
Wants in return our air
Those that demands not, are
More than a pain to bear.

©2017 Vinzpoetry.wordpress.com
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

Global Persistence

America would not be found
If the minds of men were blind
And the red Indians land
Would be deserted by now.

Colonization might have bleached
Dark skins, good evil and white witch
A dog is a dog, chained or unleached
Even Angels must earn their wings.

Often bad things that come
Brings the best act and form
For the water to have a foam
Fishes might have to float.

An easy catch might be bad
What lies underneath if found
Could be a reason far from sad
Stop murmur and make a boat.

Sail through tides and readjust
Everything present will be past
Grow yourself before you harvest
Rome was not built over night.

©2017 Vinzpoetry.wordpress.com
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

Strangers on Internet

Fingers has become our eyes
Longest distance now backyards

Just a click, we turn friends…
We are roses on stainless feet,

To all strangers that we met
In dreams, called internet…

To them we share deep secrets
Public; yet private diaries

Likes, follows and the retweets
Expressing love to ceilings…

We filter all the blemishes
And we meet to have limits

Nothing that we can’t share
To strangers on internet

Our offline friends we fear
When we post those hidden tears.

©2017 Vinzpoetry.wordpress.com
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

Welcome criticism

I don’t mind seeing through or across the walls. On my blog I always welcome criticism. No one is perfect.

Years ago, outside the shores of Nigeria, precisely in the US, there was a plaque, black death of childbirth.

Morning to night, autopsying, Scientist and doctors conducted research to find the cure…
The tore body parts, experimenting emphatically.

One man came up saying that doctors who conducted research at night didn’t watch their hands before attending to pregnant women in labor the next day. That they were the vectors …

They called him crazy for 30years. And 30years after they found out he was right… And they began sterilizing kits.
Take corrections, at times we are the problem.

I remain, Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu.


Internet lament

I wanted to do a video for this but it was not bright enough.

Yesterday I faked my birthday on Facebook and I got crowd of people calling and texting. It’s obvious we care about digits, we care about years than lifespan. We care about memories on social media…

The message I wish to pass is that we have lived so much on the internet that we forget the essence of a real world.

I have an extreme dislike for certain unethical stuffs I can’t mention.

I have seen people broke as fuck upload pictures and stories, painting their broke as rich, claiming to be Porsche or soft.

We have lived so much on the internet and now bring our fanatics and sarcasm into it.

We now don’t know how to tuale at our older ones, we go cursing our grandfather easily because of social media…

We have all turned social religious critics and journalist. We comment and find likes and followers as if it is the criteria to make heaven.

We have made friends with, Rabbi, ritualists, ashawo, witches and wizards… Sane and Insane.

We make plans to meet, some guys plan sex, some girls gold dig.

I have met friends on Facebook who are MJ fine but offline are beautiful only in Gods eye.

I have met friends online, chatted with them as if we’ve ever met, still chatting for years though, it never ends…

I have seen a lot of fake and real, if you have no job please get a pay and don’t go thinking everyone online are jobless as you.

Many people are relationship jumpers because of social media, many lust after the impossibilities…. Having pictures of tall, 6 muscular guys and big boobs and big butt hottie’s… Hoping to breath life into rainbows.

Well my message is please not everything you see online is true.

And one thing we all need to learn is patience, patience in love, patience in relationship, patience in job, patience in the world… While we stay youthful in old.

Thank you… I remain Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu


Cecilia – Love comes around

Cecilia is second to none, she’s a diva
Each pace she makes blossoms a flower;
She’s so thick, curvy and well-endowed
She took love to war and left him on the ground;

Misjudged, so he fought like a dying lion
Broken and helpless with wet pillows
True love found was a lost to its very own shadows,
So he roared and the turbulent storm came on.

Whirling and searching for a new lace,
Irrespective of fine face and body case;
One who can fine tune the heart in place
So in pains it roamed and ran an endless race.

On a different track Cecilia had an empty room,
Curiously, she followed a pestilent storm
And ended up where she had once began
Same love cast, came around; and became her man.

Adam’s Story: 9,30 (Death2)

More cruel
And heartless than Cain.

O yes to me it came
And me it flogged
At an age

Old Adam of 930 caps
At this time
E’noch could not be found

Thirty-nine on my top:
Methuselah a boy of my cord
Humbly broke my record

The devil may be wiser
But my seed lived longer
I know my cord.

After Noah died in genesis
Under same chapter
I waited for the next verse

But it never came, my son
What’s wrong with your generation?

I wish;
The difficult pill to swallow now
Never passed my throat

I would have written
A secret of long life
On Proverb 9:30.

Mayhem In My Family

Do u hear the drums….
“Nkem” my lovely wife
Even Barnabas the priest runs
Sorry we must leave the barns…
Forget the casavas and harvest
Forget the yams and others
Hurry, hurry let’s leave the barns
Forget your “asah-oke” and wrappers
Just gather my daughters
“Anika, Lola and Ada”
Hide my sons “Sani, Femi, and Obi”
Save them from the recruiting arms men
“Nkem” hurry
For the wind is howling
Dust dash like its going to rain
“Chi”, “Oluwa”, “Ala” and God
Guide us
War is not tasty
Neither is it a curry
Yet these men spice-up life with it.

“Obi” my son
I’ve failed to protect you
Cry if you need to
But I can’t be there to dry your tears
“Chi” guides you
All the way
Your feet must now stamp boldness
Unto the dusty lands “Nkem’s” body forever sleeps
During the dry seasons
Hammertan and dire rains
“Grant Biafra its realm…”

“Femi” my son
“Oluwa” will see you through
For I’ve failed to protect you
Talk if you need to
But I can’t control your emotions
You will walk on hills,
Stony valleys and rocks
Fathers you are made to kill
Same sons, mothers
And daughters you rape
Just like they did to your sisters
“Militants, hoodlums and communal crisis”

“Sani” did you set
Fire on holy crosses?
“Obi” my son why vengeance
Now Shira… religious conflict”
Matter of power
“Sani” battles “Femi”
Brothers turn fierce enemies.

The sandy game of power and rule
Set in bombs and Boko Ha’ram…
“Sani, Femi and Obi”
My sons
Call for ambulance….
The green and white gown is blazing

My children never mind
The sandy game of power
Just ordered
State of emergency
Mayhem just increased in our family

“Sani” my son
I’ve failed to protect you
Go for rehab if you need to
I’m not there to call you to order
“Ala” see you through.

With all their snug riffles
And evading blockages
Not to forget
Aimless shooting and shouting
Which brings nothing but soak eyeballs
My three sons sourly soar!!!

Like beetle my sons command on land
Like flying butterfly in air
They spray dragon fire down like rains
Like soldiers which they are
Robot their hearts is mean
Fighting for the nation and self-centred me,
On sandy game of power
Who claim to be too old for battling
Yet young for embezzlement
Guess we all sourly soar!!!

“Anika, Lola and Ada”
May these words not fall on empty ears
Save the green
Ooo Save the white
Mind you the green is double
Share even
For responsibility not dis-unity
For your brothers
the Unknown legends’
Just ghost away in battlefield..
Raise your kinds
To live not in splitting Biafra
Or abide by the river boundaries
Or set sequins for head-shot
My daughters grow your kinds
To live as one.

The True Poesy

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