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Retiring Poet

If I am to stop writing poems today
I must make sure, I have written
About love, and my unending love
For the unquestionable nature
And an unequivocal culture we share.

I must make sure, I have written
About the identity of human being
The true beautiful African skin
And the attractiveness of all races
That thus grace this small world.

I must make sure, I have written
Praising God and the deities served
For creating things pure and clean
With sexuality to reckon with
As a true phenomenal being.

I must make sure, I have written
All of the memories in my head
Wealth in knowledge and in pockets
Of the family I carved out from it
Down running time; called history.

I must make sure, I have written
About the politicians and politics
The bold lies they love to tell
And the unshamed long nose
That led to many self discovery…

I must make sure, I have written
All about the innocence of a dove
The experience of the sun and rain
And the misunderstand conflicts
And the reasons no one burry hatchets.

I must make sure, I have written
About the realities we term death
And the fake deceits of life
Why male chauvinism hurt wife
Holding spoon we see as jagged knife.

Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

Lost truth

I have strange view
About doctrines
Most times they are
Hairy eyeballs

Common factor
Is there is God
But means to praise
Differs therein

Take me beyond
The point you preach,
Condemning that
We know not about

What if basis
Were wrong from Eve
And we produced
Duplex of it…

Ripple effect
A world, unbend
Fading the truth
That was unheard.

Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu


From laws
From flaws
And claws

Do this
Do not
That one
We bound..

Eat this
Do not
Eat that
Is bad…

Be bad
Most times
It is
Good too..

At birth
We cry
We feed
Then grow…

We learn
We teach
We stretch
We wish…

We play
And flare

We heed

Hairs then
Pop heads

We love
We date
Shall knock…

All sort
Of books
We hear
And preach

From schools
Get jobs
And grow

Your heart
Back pats
Not good

And wealth
Then clogs
Our minds

Both clean
Means we

For love
Not all
The time

We kiss
We touch
With bumps
And pains

We push
With tears
With cries
We bear

Of theirs
Go on
And on…

And as
We age
News pop
We die

And we
Then rest
In sands
We hate.

Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

Ghazal: Never love me (3)

I long to tell you;
I really love you,
But the love is few
And lost in a dew…
Never love me too.

It’s crystal clear
As the heart tear
It’s uneasy to bear
No deaf can hear
Never love me dear.

You gave me pain
No trace of gain
Demanding a grain
Come sun and rain
Never love me again.

My love travelled
From end to end
While it blend
On a broken bed
Love me not, my friend.

Vinz (2017)

To a lady who should… NEVER LOVE ME.

Ghazal : Never love me (2)

I climbed the hills;
On bare broken feet

Talking mutely to myself.
… You never loved me.

Hope you understand;
The pains I withstoood

Not just Literally
But also figuratively.

Love can’t just swell
It’s mutual as-well;

Now it is a noun to me
… You never loved me.

Vinz (2017)

To a lady who should… NEVER LOVE ME.

Ghazal: Never love me (1)

To a lady who
Should never love me

I understand you;
You understand too

I once had
A message for you.

It’s really so hard;
My eyes rained so bad

Eachtime but
You failed to listen.

You never love,
… You never loved me.

I threw the fingers;
I made lot of signs

A love so true…

I longed to tell you;
I really loved you,

But then you were
So deaf to hear.

You never love
… You never loved me.

Vinz (2017)

To a lady who should… NEVER LOVE ME.

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