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#10 lines (Somonka) – Cute sharks

You are uncertain;
So brave, so cute and so smart
Dwelling in an ocean…
You see her as a doormat
To empty fake love on her.

Nights you wink at him
With your teeth you draw shadows
And loathe him to dreams,
He loves you, yet you hunt him;
You guys are deceitful cute sharks.

#10 lines (Somonka) – Poetical Diction

You are the love poems
Exceptionally written
In different inks,
In accordance to your smiles;
You are so magnificent…

Adoring faults and spots
Your ravishing lines are chosen
By minds of great poets,
To appreciate your hotness
You’re the diction of a poet.

#10 lines (Somonka) – Love kiss the scars

There are lots of scars
On the surface of this skin,
Soft, thicker or thin.
The memories of the past
Has an awful heartbreak crack.

But love came with ease,
Stretched and kissed the scars;
Amazingly, out went the mark
And wiped off all shed tears
With an exchange of sweet spit.

#16 lines before my eyes

On an insulated road
Of many no
My rejection streak you ended at a go,
With affections on a throne of gold.

You found my heart frozen in the snow
Scattered it was, but I saw you try
Wrapping up the ice and then I cried
“This is love”; you said before my eyes.

I have never known a love like this,
That renews and never grew old.
I’ve been on the old rail and road
Until you came and

Took off the dust, now I’m a star and
You are my bright
Your love is the light,
That shines before my eyes.

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