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Floras, Skies and Seas

Fountain of peace,
Forest of cheese
Focus on blue.
Naked are seeds
Nacreous are clouds
Nature never
Perishes in places
Precisely where,
Plain blues and greens
Stay clean and true
Self flourishing-
-Sprouting so free.

©2018 https://vinzpoetry.wordpress.com
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu


From laws
From flaws
And claws

Do this
Do not
That one
We bound..

Eat this
Do not
Eat that
Is bad…

Be bad
Most times
It is
Good too..

At birth
We cry
We feed
Then grow…

We learn
We teach
We stretch
We wish…

We play
And flare

We heed

Hairs then
Pop heads

We love
We date
Shall knock…

All sort
Of books
We hear
And preach

From schools
Get jobs
And grow

Your heart
Back pats
Not good

And wealth
Then clogs
Our minds

Both clean
Means we

For love
Not all
The time

We kiss
We touch
With bumps
And pains

We push
With tears
With cries
We bear

Of theirs
Go on
And on…

And as
We age
News pop
We die

And we
Then rest
In sands
We hate.

©2017 Vinzpoetry.wordpress.com
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

Issues of love

Rang bell
Took vows.

An Angel
And apple,
Yet we crumble
Over pebbles.

We know ourselves well
Yet we boil and swell
Engaging in battles
Issues of love we dwell.

It is not really awful
But it seems we love quarrels
Storing the malice like camels
Yet we say we are sweet couples.

This is so common in all the homes
We extend the fight unto our phones
Casting the dishes and whatsoever we hold
Love can break with or without plates of gold.

©2017 Vinzpoetry.wordpress.com
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

Unfair world

All things
That breath
Will die

All things
That stand
Shall fall

All things
Brand new
Turn old

In the

This world
Is so

©2017 Vinzpoetry.wordpress.com
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu


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She is golden
Her beauty has
Strength, comfort,
Grace and ellen.

A fallen Angel;
Hot as hell,
Her soft hair
Refreshes air.

Her step flows
Her skin glows
Like the stars
Skyline above.

By a door
I could see
A silhouette
Of a figure

Looking out
The window,
At her shadow
I wet my pillow.

In my abode
I feel odd;
She pulls me
Away from God.

A million sins
For apple sweet
Is no equivalent
Of her evil charms.

Her physique
Is bold and thick,
In all dimensions
She’s heaven fine.

My righteouness
And goodness,
Empties holiness
In her presence.

I’m compelled
To stare at her;
She’s gorgeous
And so superb;

Her cute face
And smile
Tops the chart
That rings a bell.

Her beauty has
A thing that pops;
Oh, she’s a class
I shall never pass…

The birds can tell,
She is not any Mel;
But a fallen Angel
Exiled to hell.

  • Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

Allusion of freedom

I once met a man,
Full of life but,
Wheeled to a chair.

Every step I made
He followed
Pacing with me. 

I walked up to him
And engaged him
On a long talk,
And he never stopped.

He talked passionately
Of how he would walk,
To places he loves
Rolling over the fields.

Kicking stones and balls,
While walking down
To the end
Of the curves of life.

Then he smiled continuesly
Tapping his lap profusely
“My wheelchair does the same”
He mumbled and left. 

Overcoming death

We are all blood,
But enemies
In real sense,
Strong opponents
On the journey to wealth.

Life is beautiful
But can’t you see
We are the components
Of the deep blue Seas.

Against all odds
Is our unhappy endings,
Forming alliances
Wedging war
We fight breathe.

We are failures
In all possible
And impossible ways,
Trying to overcome death.

Staring at your soul

You burn my heart
And left it snow.

Now your presence
Does graces my soul.

With great awareness
Making it slow;

While staring at
Your lovely soul.

#80 lines of appeal (Dad to daughters)

It is amazing
That my baby
Has become a lady
Now a newer version
Of my infinite affection
Next after her mother.
Big; but you are still tender
In the eyes of your father.

Tell your mother
Your first flow;
When you become a teen.
Thirteen to nineteen…
But in sweet sixteen;
Your curves shall sharpen
And your voice shall lighten
Beauty will rise to peak;

Now listen;
Keep friends
Whether bad or good
Always light your mind.
And as your sweet wax
Drop off a candle;
Self is that, you should handle
Don’t break the dam…

Listen to me
My precious child.
They will come
Begging for sex,
But be faithful to yourself,
For your age
Know that, sex is sweet
But, it’s so unlawful
Wait until marriage.

Should in case
You dispute me
Always use your brain,
It comes handy at most times…
Don’t go mad by a perk,
When emotion strengthens
Or weakens;
Know that love is real…

Now listen;
Taxing the boys
Or begging for love
Would cheapen you:
Build love instead…
For it is born a kid
Like a toddler, feed it stepwise
A little towards intense,

And in time
It shall grow
Into a healthy man.
Remember, no one says
To impress the society,
You should break a dam.
As you care for your skin,
Take care of the heart Within.

Don’t listen
To a gay speech
It drags nature to the pit.
Lust and infatuation
Is culled into;
Love at first sight.
Be deaf to such sentence
You are golden not for pretense.

Life is a library,
Till I die, you are tender in my sight
Because you are my lovely child.
It’s awful
To wrongly tag a shelf
Hence don’t be fooled
By boys, young or old
Give yourself; more time to grow.

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