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Rare African Ray

Africa has seen
Horrifying moments
Destroy her fragile hearts
We still do…

And we still believe
That a dawn will bring forth
A ray to extinguish
This darkness.

Africans have been
Hoping for the longest
Dared, but it is the least
We can do…

And we still believe
That a ray can direct
All our paths and lead us
To greatness.

©2020 https://vinzpoetry.wordpress.com
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

Truth by an Angel

Ears in heaven cherishes a singer
Choir’s musicals she gives a soul
She is a wish heaven loves to make.

I heard she dresses like a striper
Displaying her hot cameltoe
Making tonnes to gather at lake.

Her dress sense makes the sun hotter
In black and blue, she lost a role
Suspended from church for burnt bakes.

Yet in her flaws she is better
Than the people I used to know
Going around as a preacher.

©2019 https://vinzpoetry.wordpress.com
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

With Africans

When you read
And live with Africans.

You will understand
Her noble culture.

You will know
She is your sweet sister.

You will know
She is your blood daugther.

You will then learn
To appreciate mothers,

Places, people and things,
Of mother nature.

Rabbit’s Hole


Leave me to wallow without a bow,
I sleep deep down the rabbit hole.

I forage wide to please my soul
Invention renews on the tip of my toe.

Let me wonder and have things I lack,
Let me farrow deep into the dark.

I’m lost, but; I don’t wish to be found,
Wind of the world wide web is round.

I’m not a carrot but I grow into ground
I may have fallen for a joker’s sound.

But in here, no hunter, smoke or traps
Not even the rain, can choke me out.

Round the clock, I stand as an idle pole
Digging deep down the rabbit hole.

Doing things freely like a bird and wind
I live deep down but I’m no rabbit breed.

I’m not into Alice adventure wonderland
But unending discoveries of mankind.

I feel good, like a metal to a magnet
If I’ve got no food, drink but an internet.

Epic – Naked Poem

​Who the hell is the devil?
I find it difficult
To trust a pretty lady
Just like I find it awful
When fanatics do their thing.

Let’s be truthful to ourselves
We created the rich
And we created the poor
For God only created life.

Who can unravel an evil
When money is loved by all
And one way or the other
The girls get paid
For sex and love.

An ace is beaten in a race
For some brilliance
Creates menace
Politics can never be pure.

If played by the rules
No man would make heaven
When religion preach love
And practice thunder and war,
While tradition is underestimated.

To the world
Islam is a problem
Like the disaster of climate change
Christianity pollutes the globe
With contradicting denominations and belief.

Let’s be truthful to ourselves
The blacks copy and learn
The ways of the white
Yet claim to be more
Intelligent and smart.

A life in Africa
Is a life in hell
We love it as a pride
But abandon it, for a ride
Outside our tribe in search for a life.

We are here
Irrespective of continents
To live and
To die.

Unrest Soul: Warlords

As a legman I suggested he surrender
Before the area got painted by danger
Bangs and shouts, is all I remember
Wondering why men so love disorder.

To be honest don’t spend your time
Thinking of death or the day you’ll die
Show me a man that wouldn’t cough
And I’ll show you a man in cigarette form.

In reluctance heroes are infertile
Would you be a slave or be a freeman
Answers were right; but my face lost all expression
As he intently went for another gambit.

Mumbling in stupor; we are surrounded
Mouse in the plate of ten hungry cats
I whispered, ’tis time to let go
Roll down the eyes and fake a defeat

Bow your king so we can live
Brother quit fishing in a dead sea
Turns off the light so we may escape
It isn’t engraved in an illegible writing.

He exclaimed
It is check-mate
Folks began fighting; he then disappeared

Outside I woke
On my bottom
He walked up to me saying;
Warlords don’t surrender.




          The University is a rich planet with three pregnant women, One carrying a good child, the second carrying a bad while the last carrying a slightly bad and a slightly good child.

        The university is as organized as the economy as they are governed by a student governing body; SUG, which protects and fight for the students.

On the other hand, most student politicians strive to hold a post all for the sake of ‘hammering’ and looting ‘cash’ from both students and the government.

‘Freshers’ they call the newly admitted. The matriculation day is a memorable day to them.

‘BRING THE MUD AND GET THE CAIN!’ they received a beat ‘but after the wince keep my gift’.

The matriculates match in with their matriculation gown to sign an oat. If the oat swearing was done by an oracle many if not all would have been dead. God so kind, ‘It’s just a paper signing and after it they go for refreshment with parents and well wishers.’


             Students seem serious only when examination is at the collar of their shirts. For most, having a first class is a misery especially the sophomore and the final year student. To the fresher, first class is all they see but shortly after the first semester examination, majority of them FLOP; “DREAMS ARE MISERY”.

For those who are heading down the prohibition grade, often at times become next to a priest. Indeed, Lecturers are of different kinds, thinking about the bad ones, SPOOKY!!

But a student surprisingly can go to a nightclub even at the night before their examination.

             Moreover, the social life is mostly captured by the ‘JJC’. Students who are not bowling love feel not wanted and often at times become ‘winos’. While those who are attached, hooked or even searching, feel the globe is theirs. For the males, jabbering and using fancy things is a common way to trill ‘babes’. Those who got ride cruise the block wining the ladies laurels.



         Most males also won theirs by becoming JACK THE LAD and flying high maybe because they got one two electrical appliance in their room. Unisex in the campus becomes good, bad or stock somewhere in between; it’s MURPHY’S LAW. From observation, 70 percent of the males while 30 percent of the females go around smoking with the idea; ‘SMOKING IS DANGEROUS TO YOUR HEALTH’.

           Though fighting is sporadic in the university now as compared to the passed, they still indulge in cultism but frightened by the cord of rustication.


                 Factually, “I ONLY WISH I CAN MARRY A VIRGIN”. The females so wrongly read freedom by choosing prostitution and lesbianism as their flair, which they cover up by name ‘RUNS GIRLS’ unknown to them that they are ruining their life.

‘How would I associate with a pansy?’ The careless ones even got pregnant, ‘Was it an incubus?’

            Once a gussy gorgeous looking girl says ‘I HAVE JUST A GUY’ then she is either a cripple or she is married. The average and ugly girls are mostly blessed because graduating is a certainty while the ravishing ones have ravishes stories to tell. Girls who never would have worn an anklet or used a brooch of such glamour receive expensive JEWELRY, LOCKETS, BEAUTIFUL PENDENT, MEDALLION, and PEARL NECKLACES AND HOOP EARRINGS from guys who wear cheap wristwatches.


              As the males believes in words like ‘your pleasures are mine, your request are lined….’ even with nothing in their pockets and as long as prostitutes would never get tired of gussying up for the road, social life would never seize from the Universities.

               The most glamorous event is the getting together of students both from within and other universities. Excitingly, students get together for occasions like fashion pageantry, Miss campus, Most handsome guy, most beautiful girl on campus, best dressed, best couples and other stormy awards. All these energize the electrifying atmosphere that for an angry President; the charming smile of a tall slim, spinning waist and cat-working model would make him smile for miles. What an African abundance with talents unmentionable. Your mouth must joyfully blare when your eyes set on them. Secondly, the NUGA games aids in uniting universities and searching for young talents as well as developing sporting activities in the country. All competitors are aware of the arcane role of games and tend to avoid blubbering like little babies when they hear side comments. Students mostly the females who play basketball aside other sporting events like field events, football and track events; dribbling, passing or even making a dunk while holding the hoop isn’t it all but those with bad legs and blemishes had no trousers nor make-ups to cover them, as students who were supposed to be cheering them jeered at them. At the end of the academic run, the graduates are blessed with water and after the scream is the party.

Finally, the university is a memorable fantasy that seizes not but remains in the minds of those who are presently in it and were there; singing ‘it worth to be tasted’, chosen because it tells of the future. The university has opened the Pandora’s Box of evil deeds.




© June 2008


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