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Have you ever met Morta, in the forest,
Then you’ll know, life isn’t short but brief.
Her breath is what iron needs to rust,
All females heart beats, faster than men.

Here we float on her temporary crust,
Praying she is light, with a note or a pen.
Have you seen the heads inside her chest,
Medics are there, she’s everybody’s wife.

Hope she’s a beauty with milky breast too,
Death seductive, cutting the threads of life.
Her body must be large, hot and cold too,
Wired with a blade; from a dreadful knife.

Heaven knows, she’s an inevitable path,
That loves violence, conflicts and strife.
Her admirations are both dull and bright,
She’s a version of bad, domestic, wildlife.

However, she’s good to all beams and ray,
Rotating in clubs, as the life of nightlife.
Home she comes, when the blacks are grey
Then shall there be, a room for all of us.

My Parents love

By: Onyeche Vincent Onyekachuku
Title: My Parent Love
Dedicated to : Mr. and Mrs. Larry Onyeche

The love of my parents never elide
They brought me to life, that aside,
In the nide, my needs they provide,
Day and night, they are my aide.

Besides sharing their nucleotide
They planted me by the waterside
To grow taller than all of my kind
Relentlessly, they gave me a yuletide.

They always guide me when I ride,
So I never snide, glide and slide.
Their rules, I often don’t abide
Yet they always stick by my side.

When ruby little me was red outside,
They solve my worries as their pride
They go as far hell, inhaling oxide
Just to give me cream and juice inside.

They are attached to me like an imide,
Holding me tight, they never let me vide.
They protect me, sailing in trouble tide
They are my boldness, they never hide.

Rabbit’s Hole


Leave me to wallow without a bow,
I sleep deep down the rabbit hole.

I forage wide to please my soul
Invention renews on the tip of my toe.

Let me wonder and have things I lack,
Let me farrow deep into the dark.

I’m lost, but; I don’t wish to be found,
Wind of the world wide web is round.

I’m not a carrot but I grow into ground
I may have fallen for a joker’s sound.

But in here, no hunter, smoke or traps
Not even the rain, can choke me out.

Round the clock, I stand as an idle pole
Digging deep down the rabbit hole.

Doing things freely like a bird and wind
I live deep down but I’m no rabbit breed.

I’m not into Alice adventure wonderland
But unending discoveries of mankind.

I feel good, like a metal to a magnet
If I’ve got no food, drink but an internet.


Shell please get out of my head
You’ve done lots against my lead
You’ve made an adult act like a kid
You’ve made a tree small like a seed
You’ve coroded and rusted a nonmetallic deed
You’ve brought shames and a lots of greed
Shell please get out of my head.

Shell please get out of my head
You’ve made my boldness seem so dead
You’ve given me less I need to be paid
You’ve turned my speeds to actions delayed
You’ve quenched my fire and made it iced
You’ve left me defenceless without a heed
Shell please get out of my head.

Shell please get out of my head
You’ve clogged my sight and made me blind
You’ve turned my tongue into slumber bed
You’ve made my bold porous with your shield
You’ve frozen my desires, legs and mind
You’ve made me achieve less of my need
Shell please get out of my head.

Youths arise

Youth arise and take hold of your future
The white is greyish and green is faded
Youth arise and water the dried grasses
Reinforce a beacon of hope and transparent glasses
Accend to ascend to your thrones; don’t you slumber
In an economy of hardship, everything suffers
Good people turn thieves, sluts and scammers
Comeout enmass and rebuild tonnes of fortunes.

Leaders of credibilities let’s fight bad governance
Step out of your shells, enough of the oldies
Youths be bold and be completely honest
The horses of unity are wallowing into the forest
Youths be bold and evade the idea of frustrations
When; if not now, will you be the leaders of tomorrow?
Irrespective of your sin deeds, genes, and variances
Be useful, hey youths! underneath or without shelters.

I’m talking to the youths making grounds
In small or large scales, legal or illegal rounds
Those progressing, stagnant and redundant…
The youths are the strenght of the political mouths
So every youth of Africa or global origin
Born on these sediments and other regions
Enough of the red bloods spilling dirty soils…
Youths arise, speak out and kick for a good future.

I’m talking to the youths of our weird times
The youthful youth, you and I call a brother,
The youthful youth, you and I call a sister,
The youthful youths, you and I call our lovers,
The youthful youths of our rivalry colleagues,
The youthful youths we call uncle, aunti and friend
It’s time to put these menaces to an end
Youths arise! and take hold, of your bright future.

By, Onyeche Vincent Onyeka.

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