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#16 lines: Inestimable

She is an erratic princess
A beauty never witnessed,
A sporadic soft babe
Not meant for any Abe.

She is an intermittent lady,
A wonder in the galaxy.
Uncommon, none can pay
She shines at night and day.

She is an inestimable stone,
Precisely a treasure to own.
Hating her kills a star,
Loving her pretty scar.

She is a strain of gorgeous
Her beauty is so intense,
Scarce and raw intelligence
Inestimable is her existence.

Evil Queen

Photograph of Ruth I.

She is on no one’s team
She just loves to win
Taking crowns from every queen.

She is a rare pretty thing
Single and mingle have seen
Her as a voracious evil queen.

She loves it white not green
Swinging as a reddish queen
Over tough trees, wild or preen.

Sweet seductive and clean
She has this royal theme,
All hail Her Majesty the queen.

Take not your white dove
To her large noble enclave
Else it turns meat on her stove.

She goes on night and day
So don’t you ever get on her way
Love is for all to loss and to win.

Eternity to share side by side
Emotions to her shouldn’t hide
People say she is tender and blind.

It started before the tween
In time she always meet a twin
Who loves her deeply as an evil queen.


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She is golden
Her beauty has
Strength, comfort,
Grace and ellen.

A fallen Angel;
Hot as hell,
Her soft hair
Refreshes air.

Her step flows
Her skin glows
Like the stars
Skyline above.

By a door
I could see
A silhouette
Of a figure

Looking out
The window,
At her shadow
I wet my pillow.

In my abode
I feel odd;
She pulls me
Away from God.

A million sins
For apple sweet
Is no equivalent
Of her evil charms.

Her physique
Is bold and thick,
In all dimensions
She’s heaven fine.

My righteouness
And goodness,
Empties holiness
In her presence.

I’m compelled
To stare at her;
She’s gorgeous
And so superb;

Her cute face
And smile
Tops the chart
That rings a bell.

Her beauty has
A thing that pops;
Oh, she’s a class
I shall never pass…

The birds can tell,
She is not any Mel;
But a fallen Angel
Exiled to hell.

  • Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

With Africans

When you read
And live with Africans.

You will understand
Her noble culture.

You will know
She is your sweet sister.

You will know
She is your blood daugther.

You will then learn
To appreciate mothers,

Places, people and things,
Of mother nature.

Talking to myself

Title: Talking to myself
Authour:Onyeche Vincent Onyeka


Africa, I, Life, Success And Failure

Theme: Self-Motivation
Contact: WhatsApp (+2347081613455)  Instagram @nyekyvinpella

Hey! I know you are me, from the block
Same black leather, same soil and rock;
But I so don’t get it, in fact you suck…
All I want is a good reward and luck.

Hey! dear me, you are my only limitation
And obviously, my band of admiration;
Swinging from the ink of imperfections;
Scrawling from my mixed reactions.

Hey! I’m talking to you, put me in mind
As you seek intelligence, don’t be blind;
If it grows before it falls, then it is pride
Don’t be overambitious, make me proud.

Hey! life isn’t about bouquet of flowers
Neither about the toilets and showers;
Flushing and cooling my burning desire,
So perk me with an unquenchable fire.

Well good poetry will nourish your heart
Should love melt down, turn off the heat,
Right the wrong, as my defending knight;
Honor and remission; are the ways out.

We have seen through the lies and truth,
Did you plant this troublesome root…?
Don’t waste our carrots on a rabbit’s sight
To make it see clearer than an rivalry cat.

Wisdom isn’t all about going to schools
But about proper use of available tools;
Success isn’t about a perfect pull through
So don’t be scared to fall, dare to rise too.

We should be known, you are my kind,
Spirit and soul, I am your thinking mind;
Hello dear; just dare me, to my dire need
So I set it off, before I leave, this life I live.

By Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

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