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#2 Poetry: Full of life

Photograph of Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

Shut your eyes back to sleep
Free your mind, pain will drop
Poetry has lot of trip.

Like a nose underneath
An armpit, with a smell
Poems can’t hide as-well.

Poetry is such a sound
A note so low and loud
It is golden if found.

Most times a ranting tweet
Often with turn and twist
But always full of spirit.

It is an expressive fist…
It is a rich-mans feast
Not only poets want of it.

An animated conversation
A charismatic expression
And a vital demostration.

Poetry is quiet and quite
Energetic, lots of light
Charismatic, full of life.

Wax of Existence

Photograph of Kendrick Lemar

Existence is a dark room
Whose entity needs a light

To spark away the nights
And for a continuity of life.

It is about sustaining the light
With lots of prestigious fights

Every second a wax is lost
To the verge of the darkest dark.

Existance is like a burning wax
Above its head is fire thread

That shows it the way to trend
And melts its wax down to ground.

Existence breath is but a light
That gradually dims it shine

Every second a wax is lost
Fading into the darkest dark.

For continuity of an entity
Unto a new candle wax is where

It’s meant to transfer its light
Else, existance shall be a myth.

With Africans

When you read
And live with Africans.

You will understand
Her noble culture.

You will know
She is your sweet sister.

You will know
She is your blood daugther.

You will then learn
To appreciate mothers,

Places, people and things,
Of mother nature.

Talking to myself

Title: Talking to myself
Authour:Onyeche Vincent Onyeka


Africa, I, Life, Success And Failure

Theme: Self-Motivation
Contact: WhatsApp (+2347081613455)  Instagram @nyekyvinpella

Hey! I know you are me, from the block
Same black leather, same soil and rock;
But I so don’t get it, in fact you suck…
All I want is a good reward and luck.

Hey! dear me, you are my only limitation
And obviously, my band of admiration;
Swinging from the ink of imperfections;
Scrawling from my mixed reactions.

Hey! I’m talking to you, put me in mind
As you seek intelligence, don’t be blind;
If it grows before it falls, then it is pride
Don’t be overambitious, make me proud.

Hey! life isn’t about bouquet of flowers
Neither about the toilets and showers;
Flushing and cooling my burning desire,
So perk me with an unquenchable fire.

Well good poetry will nourish your heart
Should love melt down, turn off the heat,
Right the wrong, as my defending knight;
Honor and remission; are the ways out.

We have seen through the lies and truth,
Did you plant this troublesome root…?
Don’t waste our carrots on a rabbit’s sight
To make it see clearer than an rivalry cat.

Wisdom isn’t all about going to schools
But about proper use of available tools;
Success isn’t about a perfect pull through
So don’t be scared to fall, dare to rise too.

We should be known, you are my kind,
Spirit and soul, I am your thinking mind;
Hello dear; just dare me, to my dire need
So I set it off, before I leave, this life I live.

By Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

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Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

Relating class

To be honest
To relate isn’t
By a huge pocket size.

Low bulk funds
But bold in act,
And cheerful in speech.

By the street
He sees a girl
Of his low or filthy class.

He jokes and jerks
Pokes and strokes
And always win her heart.

But a rich standby
And just say hi,
To a lady of his noble class.

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