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My Parents love

By: Onyeche Vincent Onyekachuku
Title: My Parent Love
Dedicated to : Mr. and Mrs. Larry Onyeche

The love of my parents never elide
They brought me to life, that aside,
In the nide, my needs they provide,
Day and night, they are my aide.

Besides sharing their nucleotide
They planted me by the waterside
To grow taller than all of my kind
Relentlessly, they gave me a yuletide.

They always guide me when I ride,
So I never snide, glide and slide.
Their rules, I often don’t abide
Yet they always stick by my side.

When ruby little me was red outside,
They solve my worries as their pride
They go as far hell, inhaling oxide
Just to give me cream and juice inside.

They are attached to me like an imide,
Holding me tight, they never let me vide.
They protect me, sailing in trouble tide
They are my boldness, they never hide.

Rabbit’s Hole


Leave me to wallow without a bow,
I sleep deep down the rabbit hole.

I forage wide to please my soul
Invention renews on the tip of my toe.

Let me wonder and have things I lack,
Let me farrow deep into the dark.

I’m lost, but; I don’t wish to be found,
Wind of the world wide web is round.

I’m not a carrot but I grow into ground
I may have fallen for a joker’s sound.

But in here, no hunter, smoke or traps
Not even the rain, can choke me out.

Round the clock, I stand as an idle pole
Digging deep down the rabbit hole.

Doing things freely like a bird and wind
I live deep down but I’m no rabbit breed.

I’m not into Alice adventure wonderland
But unending discoveries of mankind.

I feel good, like a metal to a magnet
If I’ve got no food, drink but an internet.

Wind of change

Round and round
The earth goes;
The wind blows
The electorates…

Whose thumbnails
The ink stains;
The wind blows
Dusty periods.

Do not preach
Changing wings;
Enough of these
Chains and lakes…

Feel the whirl
Dry hot winds;
Our skin cries
Dehyrated we feel.

Do not preach
Future please;
A day after
Clogging our eyes.


Trapped in the darkest part of a lonely island
Where I’m a fairy kid, but right on my bed

I can’t turn rims to florets nor even a frame
Seems as if I’ve got a brim of talents as a flame

Burning sensation and routine that defames
I try and try but I’m trapped inside my dreams..

Like a key in an unwire or faulty ignition
I am lost inside inspiration and motivation.

But eachtime I try to turn torns to rose
I get infused periodically by another dose

Half a drop and another dose of another no
With – sorry, try again, you never know

Now even inspirations dampens my mood
Rejections and turn down now seems a food

So I’m disappointed in the shallows of the deep
Knocking myself out with a drink, plain black to sleep.

Soul planes

Born in a pathway of dreams
When I sleep, I travel in time
Flying through smooth and rough

Smaller the smoother and slower I fly
Faster it seems I could fall off or crash
Especially as the rough wind grows big

But I have seen all dimensions it has
I now get composed inside my prime
Knowing that if the surface is tough

All I need is a good mindset not cry,
Then the smooth surface will hatch
And if for some reasons it doesn’t ring,

I just have to quickly set myself free
Then cool and calmly let my plane be
To wake up from the scary dream.

Author: Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

(C) 2017

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