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Let sixth sense see
Across the seas
Some winged bees
For the sweet teas

Let it see fleas
Blood sucking beast
Before it risk
Someone else wrist

Let sixth sense see
Animals with horns
For plants have thorns
Breathless do horn.

Let it see rings
Whence perch a wing
Sing birds do sing
While monkeys swing.

Let sixth sense see
All perspectives
Over the trees
And beneath it.

My gold


If you were the rod
Straight, bent or round
Your shades will be gold.
Never you look down,
Walking down the road
None should make you fold.

You are the King’s crown
Better than silvers
And copper made bronze..
Don’t be misled
By social values
You worth more than those.

Silvers may reflect
The rays of sun light
But you are their fright.
A gold dust same as
Mega tonnes of diamonds
Sparking under light…

You are not an iron
So common in town,
Nor dark shades that rust.
You are not a wood
A bug food that rots;
You are made of gold.

Heavy, light or thick,
You are not a steel
Prone to fatigue.
You are the premium
Superior to all
Yellow shade to hold.

Bill Gate’s mind

Photograph of Bill Gates (Source: Facebook)[/caption]

#Verse I

There is a flare
So bright and clear…
A seed of faith
In all Bill Gates.
Ashes and chains
No loss no gain….
A mind that sells
Is well detailed.

#Verse II

There is a flare
So bright and clear…
A seed of faith
In all Bill Gates.
All it entails
Is head not tail,
A mind that sails
May pass and fail.

#Verse III

There is a flare
So bright and clear…
A seed of faith
In all Bill Gates.
To be the Bills,
You need make plans
Rotate like fans
Of the windmills.

#Verse IV

So fame a frame
It makes a film,
A very big name
Trademarks and gains.
There is a flare
So bright and clear…
A seed of faith
In all Bill Gates.

Theme of peace

Air, water and land
Are all held between
By something within
By something we need
By something often killed.

As age grace the young,
Every child unborn
Shall learn a cool song
Coming from tongues
Of tideless Oceans
Youth arise; sing my song…

Water got no rival
Have you realized,
No rebound, no love
In a world at war…
Let the ocean flow
Youth arise; swim with me….

We label things red
Fear of extinction
Animals to zoo
Humans are farther
From air, sights and sounds
Youth arise; fly with me.

Love rot without it
Love dies, seriously
Endanger species
End jungle justice
Come to the bridge
Youth arise, come with me.

Give me chance to breath
Give me chance to breed
Endothermic theme
I am peace within
The world shall be calm
If youth arise with me.

Love was

They say
Love is
A collision
Of hearts,
But to us
A pollution
By size,
The pores
We leaked.

Sixth sense
Of grapes
Bright light
Beautiful Apes
Fifty shades
Of color fades
Love we made
Was like
Heads and braids.

Love forever
A feeling felt
Until we lost
Its sense to
Sweet sour
Lesson learnt
The eyes picked
Who to love
And the heart
Can rejected it…

Roses and guns
Love was
All we ever felt
It was meant
To be our scent
It was a bullet
It was the heat
Till the warmth
Of two hearts
Began to melt…

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