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Peace is within

Peace is within, not on hills
Peace is a bird floating free
Peace is the stars up in the sky;
Peace is an inner flame of man
But often misunderstood
For weakness in the hood.

Peace is the secret to eternity
Peace binds a community
Peace is the emptiness in hollow
Peace makes pride swallowed
It is a light quenching shadows
It is a fun filled life not borrowed.

Peace comes from within,
Peace is happiness and freedom
Peace is like charity,
Peace begins from homes
Flowing in streets and Oceans
Its makes a fish age not.

Peace is a seed that grows
Peace is a bouquet of rose
Peace is a language of God
Peace is that the world needs
Not disputes, wars nor walls
Rise up to the clarion call.

Peace is within, not on hills
Peace is a bird floating free
Peace is the stars up in the sky;
Peace is an inner flame of man
The world dies of thirst in a lake
Because She lacks peace.

Date: (5-08-2017)

© 2017

By Vincent Onyekachukwu Onyeche

We have a choice

We all blame the government
For pushing us into the pit
Of hell and the sweet pleasant
Things, prostitution, ritual, theft
Drugs and human trafficking…

We all blame the government
For getting us into shorter breath
By the fake holy preacher nest
Let us fleek the tape in our chest
To realise we all have a choice.

Grow a pair

Grow a pair dear
Crush grow into love
Lots it solves.

Grow a pair dear
Weak grow into fear
Rock it tears…

Grow a pair dear
Bold grow into brave
Saving slaves.

Grow a pair dear
Truth grow into trust
Seed to faith

Grow a pair dear
Lie grow into bombs
Popping bulbs.

Grow a pair dear
Dream grows into roots
Turn to fruits…

Grow a pair dear
Pains that are retain
Make more gain.

Enemies of progress

Their outlooks are blind
To the whales on scale
Through the dale to woods
Other views must fail.

They often do find
Other sails as snails
Midway woods and nails
They tell tales of tails…

Only theirs is right
Floating in the air
Criticizing hairs
The nose; breath and lungs.

A back-friend say
White is black all day
Killing hens that lay
Cracking eggs that stay…

Theme of peace

Air, water and land
Are all held between
By something within
By something we need
By something often killed.

As age grace the young,
Every child unborn
Shall learn a cool song
Coming from tongues
Of tideless Oceans
Youth arise; sing my song…

Water got no rival
Have you realized,
No rebound, no love
In a world at war…
Let the ocean flow
Youth arise; swim with me….

We label things red
Fear of extinction
Animals to zoo
Humans are farther
From air, sights and sounds
Youth arise; fly with me.

Love rot without it
Love dies, seriously
Endanger species
End jungle justice
Come to the bridge
Youth arise, come with me.

Give me chance to breath
Give me chance to breed
Endothermic theme
I am peace within
The world shall be calm
If youth arise with me.

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