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Arise o Nigeria

Arise o compatriot
Nigeria’s call obey…
Now that our sweet
Has turned sour;
Let’s not talk in vain
About teas and tales;

Arise o compatriot
Listen to our adages;
Lost is to any child
Who knows not his root
Find our native fowls,
And expose an evil deed…

Arise o compatriot
Milk and honey is here
Buried in an African soil
Let’s build our motherland.
Unity is all it takes
To peacfully wave the flag.

Arise o compatriot
And take us back to great;
Don’t steal sugar cubes
Or wreck these testtubes,
We are already a design
Let’s correct the foundation.

Arise o compatriot,
Let’s repaint the lands,
Far from greedy minds
And selfish democratism…
Interested in potbellies;
Arise o fellow Nigerians.

Talking to myself

Title: Talking to myself
Authour:Onyeche Vincent Onyeka


Africa, I, Life, Success And Failure

Theme: Self-Motivation
Contact: WhatsApp (+2347081613455)  Instagram @nyekyvinpella

Hey! I know you are me, from the block
Same black leather, same soil and rock;
But I so don’t get it, in fact you suck…
All I want is a good reward and luck.

Hey! dear me, you are my only limitation
And obviously, my band of admiration;
Swinging from the ink of imperfections;
Scrawling from my mixed reactions.

Hey! I’m talking to you, put me in mind
As you seek intelligence, don’t be blind;
If it grows before it falls, then it is pride
Don’t be overambitious, make me proud.

Hey! life isn’t about bouquet of flowers
Neither about the toilets and showers;
Flushing and cooling my burning desire,
So perk me with an unquenchable fire.

Well good poetry will nourish your heart
Should love melt down, turn off the heat,
Right the wrong, as my defending knight;
Honor and remission; are the ways out.

We have seen through the lies and truth,
Did you plant this troublesome root…?
Don’t waste our carrots on a rabbit’s sight
To make it see clearer than an rivalry cat.

Wisdom isn’t all about going to schools
But about proper use of available tools;
Success isn’t about a perfect pull through
So don’t be scared to fall, dare to rise too.

We should be known, you are my kind,
Spirit and soul, I am your thinking mind;
Hello dear; just dare me, to my dire need
So I set it off, before I leave, this life I live.

By Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

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Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

I die hard

I go barefoot on the sharp blade of a knife,
Engaging in a fight against the odds of life;
Enjoying breath; lifelong borrowed wife.

My red blood flow forth suddenly in rush,
It excruciate pain; in loudness-cum-hush;
It frighten me; that I gazed up to church.

Scrawling to crucifix, with a rapid breath
Dazzling beats, but as I’m about to quit;
Drops of lost energies in me, refuse defeat.

From no where cometh a mild wet tongue
Rehydrating my kidney, that laid on a rug; 
Regerminating hope that is thick and long,

Reviving my metabolism, back on my feet,
In front of sticks, stones and a combatant;
I die hard! When it comes to push and lift.

Wind of change

Round and round
The earth goes;
The wind blows
The electorates…

Whose thumbnails
The ink stains;
The wind blows
Dusty periods.

Do not preach
Changing wings;
Enough of these
Chains and lakes…

Feel the whirl
Dry hot winds;
Our skin cries
Dehydrated we feel.

Do not preach
Future please;
A day after
Clogging our eyes.


Shell please get out of my head
You’ve done lots against my lead
You’ve made an adult act like a kid
You’ve made a tree small like a seed
You’ve coroded and rusted a nonmetallic deed
You’ve brought shames and a lots of greed
Shell please get out of my head.

Shell please get out of my head
You’ve made my boldness seem so dead
You’ve given me less I need to be paid
You’ve turned my speeds to actions delayed
You’ve quenched my fire and made it iced
You’ve left me defenceless without a heed
Shell please get out of my head.

Shell please get out of my head
You’ve clogged my sight and made me blind
You’ve turned my tongue into slumber bed
You’ve made my bold porous with your shield
You’ve frozen my desires, legs and mind
You’ve made me achieve less of my need
Shell please get out of my head.

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