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Filling station

At the filling station,
White and black smoke
Attempts to make us choke

Rims kept spinning around
Heading to where hush sound
The birds sang, horns buzz

Insane walked free, sane squeeze
Queuing, suddenly saying bye
Seconds pass, others passed by

Young and old breath trooped in
For all sort of tanks refill
All colors present blended as one

Underneath the dark light
Where canopies made a shade
No man or woman had a blade

‘Buy my own, buy from me please
Many screamed, for hustle to ease
Some were smiling, others worried

But kept drinking and eating
Off the pocket for the items
They purchased, for desires

No apartheid, no damn favor
The doubled woman and working men
Sweat in pain for reward of labor

No one brought out divine crosses
Or craving ivory yet salvation
Lived in peace, with no bruises

Far beyond visible tribal marks
Two things we all had in common
Was to live and earn, as an atom.

©2018 Vinzpoetry.wordpress.com
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

Nigeria: Cycle of politicians

Hello pigs and Bunche
We all need to launch
And ascend places much
Better than broken clutches.

Our Nation crashes
At the blink of the lashes
And bad diets from trash
Popping from campaign brush.

The more we look; less we see
Soon as you win, you flush
And retract, by being hush
Falsely feeding our brains,

Desire to push for lunch
Still turns us to staunch
Politicians and fresh
Burnt meat in the bush.

©2018 Vinzpoetry.wordpress.com
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

Innocence of a child

Sweet and cute
In my hands
Lays my child

In her eyes
I surf snows
White and cold

I see a
Ring of fire
And flower

Flaring out
By the side
Of her eyes…

Feeding her
I often
Get to learn

Of a child
Never hides

As she smile
Grabbing cans
From my hand.

©2018 Vinzpoetry.wordpress.com
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

Avoiding premonition

Thunderstorm! hold your peace
Quench those volts in your bolts
Seasons change, do not strike
Alongside heavy clouds…

I have got a feeling
Something bad will happen…
Please do not burn my rings
And mould it into chains..

Tearing down homes with ease
That were built by my sweat
Thunderstorm, quench your light
Enough of your disasters.

©2018 Vinzpoetry.wordpress.com
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

Sonnet: Copied democracy

Beside the green
And black stones
There lies a coal
Obsess of snow
And scared of fire..
Mimicking the chill
Of the snowballs.

At the singe
Its parts removes
Not over flames
Or red hot bar
But by white chars
Coated with steam
Strange to us.

©2018 Vinzpoetry.wordpress.com
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu
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