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Welcome to my world of creative thinking. A place where I drop my daily poetry….

A poem a day, like an Apple; keeps the doctors away.

Onyeche V. O.

I do not live in time, I, live in moments as poetry. I am a natural born dreamer, I see moments of tomorrow in glimpse as dreams. But I never saw me holding the inks. Hehehehehe… I am a researcher at the National Institute for Freshwater Fisheries Research (NIFFR), Nigeria since the year 2013. I studied Biochemistry (M.Sc & B.Sc), but my enormous and intrinsic love for expression and descriptive writings brought out a pathway of lines in me. I most likely began writing poems at the innocent age of seventeen (17yrs) in the year 2004 from what I can remember. My very first poem was titled, colors of life. In it was an expression in eruption about life. I remember reciting it to my Dad and he was so amazed. Well I guess I am wired to be a poet. Before poetry, I once desired to be a medical doctor alongside a musician and a novelist. But as life grew older, and opportunities changed faces, I left my first poem inside my computer.

I delved into becoming a novelist and a musician while studying biochemistry in Delta State University, Abraka. Each time I have a new song or story, I will spill it out to the hearing of listening friends.

I can remember a friend of mine (Sholukumi “Perkins” Ayemienokpe) who said my lyrics book would be better as a poem than music and that was the full origin of a poet in me.

I joined several poetry website until I was blocked on poetryfoundation.org for attaching an indecent picture to one of my poems (Her plaint body) there. So in pain and disappointments, I created a blog for my poems here on WordPress in 2009. I titled it, thetruepoesy.wordspress then later changed to Vinzpoetry.wordpress.com….

In 2007, I wrote ” Larry of all trait “, a birthday poem for my dad. Larry of all trait was a poem I loved so much which led to other poems like Africa, Nigeria born, Dad’s automobile, mum glass heart and others. I also have a lot of poems written to and about my mother. One of my first love poems was inspired from a first love affair.

Growing up in a country like Nigeria one can’t seem to be deaf or dumb to the situations of the economy, and political crises hence my poems as both inspirational and as a social economic critic explains.

My inspiration comes from everywhere and at anytime. Including online readers I have never met, who take pain to read, comment and give me a call…

Well Poems I wrote at special hours are mostly those I cherish the most. I honestly don’t have a best poem from my poems, because I write poem daily, and I fall in love with every new poem. Hence my best is yet to come. “My golden wife” is among such poems I fell in love with but soon after a new one in such category was written, it became a thing of the past. Speaking of writing poems in any place, A gasp of love was written 11:11am, 14th July, 2017… in the toilet. Well a funny place to write a poem but I must confess I comprehend more in the such silent places.

Every Poet will write love poems. “Tone” is a series of compiled love poems I wrote using my beloved girl friend (Ifeoma Ibegbulem Onyeche) as the imagery. The love story became more blissful when she turned my wife (we got married on the 22nd of April, 2019).

I write about nature and culture. Speaking of culture, “Roasted yam” is a series of poem I wrote… It’s written around an African traditional charm. Every language might have theirs. One of my days in Ika land (Agbor, Delta State Nigeria). I learnt that parents or relatives use charms to bring their love ones back home from outside the country. One of those charms is a roasted yam. If they roast a yam and place enchantment on it, the love one would return from overseas to eat of it. But most times this dark act, leaves the returnee disoriented and often leads to death. Click to read disoriented.

I write Odes, I write about death (mostly call death, “black boy” in my poems), I write about youthfulness, I write for daughters, I write to support feminism, I write against fanaticism and extremism, I write with the words and dictions around my brains at the moment of fiction.

I write a poem a day, for fun, love and for the future.

One funny thing about my struggle in life is as I am about to give up, there comes a drop of water on my tongue from no where, reviving me up back on my feet… #VinzSuccessStories

Vinz’s poems are compositions written in verse or stanza decorating and painting its ink by the use of imagery, metaphor and significant meter.
Poetry has become a part of me, a language, a passion and a desire. It is an element that gets me going on while I face the beauty and ugly times of life.

Please use the side bars to navigate. There are lots of poems to enjoy. Click Here To Read Vinz Poetry.

You can forget me but don’t forget this very great quote of mine “for every foreign item is local in its home town hence originality is yours to pick!!” – Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu.