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Unveiling her (16th Sunday)

Do you remember the African lady
I once said her beauty never dies?

She brings me comfort, by the bay
She is my sweet sanctuary lane;

I love her not for her gorgeousness
But because of who she is…

She is the cathedral of my soul
Compelling me to eternal flame;

She is my sugar, she is my fame,
She is my pleasure, she is my pain;

She is my lightening, she is my bulb
She is my pride in this affection job

She is my friend, sister, mother and twin,
Unveiling her, for she is my thick and thin

Evil and her can’t dwell in a sentence
She is my key and she is my lock

She is my celibacy changing status
She is my wife from April the 16th sunday.

Author: Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu
(C) April, 2017.

Dedicated to my sister (Onyeche J. Ify) who weds next Sunday (April 16th, 2017).

Sonnet of admirations

Do you know the beats
Unto which trees dances
In the air it peacefully floats
Like weightless objects
Relaxing on water surfaces
Admired by the seduction of cats
On its feet, are strong roots
Tapping the admirations
Of an erratic Princess,
For she’s a sporadic babe,
Intermittent lady, and
An uncommon female…
With a valuable and
Scarce intelligence.

Tales Of A Wife: Ad infinitum

  • Welcome, come into my haven, teddy beer 
  • Taste beer, prove law wicked, and love fair
  • Wireless connection, one brain we share
  • Spend lifetime jointly my graceful dear…
  • Down the stairs or up the stars 
  • Ad infinitum, rest on the bed let them jeer 
  • My hand’s the pillow; let them stare 
  • Put your feet up and destroy those fears
  • Sorrows are gone; cease the tears, 
  • Intertwine our keen, the breezing air, 
  • Starry-eyed care, grab the gear and don’t be shy,
  • A millisec, if signal lowers ’tis like:… years.
  • Head-in-the-clouds, the star stares, 
  • Mayflowers wish they had ears to hear,
  • Cradle insists we lay tranquil for years. 

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