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Rare African Ray

Africa has seen
Horrifying moments
Destroy her fragile hearts
We still do…

And we still believe
That a dawn will bring forth
A ray to extinguish
This darkness.

Africans have been
Hoping for the longest
Dared, but it is the least
We can do…

And we still believe
That a ray can direct
All our paths and lead us
To greatness.

©2020 https://vinzpoetry.wordpress.com
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

Fallen Heroes

Candles lit for the past
Brings memories ripped apart,

In solaces, tears on a pillow
Soundless plays the radio

My hopes died in this town;
The moment the flag went down

Half mast by an hero came a dew,
Mentors are great compass for the new;

In solace, on thy bed, thy pray
To make thee more of thy by day.

But these winds from the window
Keeps cleaning thy darkest shadow

Such that thy fierce images and frames
Can’t be lost down memory lanes,

For thy has become an household name
Thy fallen heroes and glory days are same.

Ode Of Mandela : Can’t Bid a Farewell to Mandela

Tracing the well-head,
Why say
He fought for just the black;
Wasn’t his lessons adopted
And embraced by the whites?
An irony in a name
This Ro-lih-lah-la isn’t a troublemaker.

From him one may say:
“May my days be rough.”
Started from Mvezo
To the globe,
Staggered to hell
And strolled majestically out
Activated like a free radical.

Presidency, the first black
In the south
Front man
In a fight
Freeing the black hide
Of ancestry Africa
Nelson Mandela ! A name even the dummy speaks.

Equality! Equality! Equality
He calls us
In a chorus
Springing up anew
Patiently and prophetically
To Diops visionary
Of “Africa”: my Africa.

Looking through the window
Indeed Africa has become a widow
“A man of the People”
Chinue Achebe would say
If death didn’t kick him
As well by the tail.

The world’s so frosty
Your name is what no man can oust,
That I boast
Down the coast
Up, east to west.
Immortality not our host
Tata really gave up the ghost.

The world weeps
Mandela is more handsome
Than a first love,
More radical than the fierce
More vibrant than the press
Tata’s larger than the whale
Mums kids unborn knows.

He is powerful
Yet more peaceful
Than the middle-east,
He has this ideas
Of such innocence
Meant forever
On a library shelf.

Tell me
What’s the essence
Life of senescence
Does it really make sense
If I say adios
Mandela is forever alive.

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