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Your art

Your rare
Spectrum of lights
In commune
With beauty
And brains intact,

Just like
Kids to cartoons
The good thing
About art
Is that yours
Brings good fortune.

I’m not
Saying this to
Impress you
But painting
Your portraits
Just as you are.

©2017 Vinzpoetry.wordpress.com
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

Haiku for Ada

I know of a girl
She is a sweet smiling child
She is one of a kind.

Royal into the soul
So very rare and hard to find
A pride from a tribe.

Like irons to magnets
She is a beauty to harns…
Magic and charms;

Natural in looks
No foundation yet a true-
-image for a frame;

To hold not to release
Like religion and believe…
Not darken, not fair

When she vocalizes
Tranquility comes to air
Energizing stare.

Adaobi is the name
It means, daughter of a king….
The flying birds sing.

Paint the ceilings you

I will paint the ceilings you
So you wake to see your view,
Adorably few, so I cherish you
For my blood has become of you.

I will paint the ceilings you
So when you do the morning chores
No water drop shall wash me off
Neither will I be swept by brooms.

Art of possessions, with just you
I am the healthiest of hearts
O sweet love, with all of my brushes,
I will paint the ceilings you…

Sonnet of admirations 2

That lady is you
An erratic Princess,
Sporadic babe,
Intermittent lady, and
An uncommon female…
With a valuable and
Scarce intelligence
My navigator to greatness
My confidence in fullness
My dream paradise sickness
My hope to live forever bless
Your face shines like the sun’s….
Reflection saying…

“My admiration is fun.”

Sonnet of admirations

Do you know the beats
Unto which trees dances
In the air it peacefully floats
Like weightless objects
Relaxing on water surfaces
Admired by the seduction of cats
On its feet, are strong roots
Tapping the admirations
Of an erratic Princess,
For she’s a sporadic babe,
Intermittent lady, and
An uncommon female…
With a valuable and
Scarce intelligence.

Every Reasons To Hate You

I have every reasons to hate you
Right from day one donkey years back
You lied to me you had him
When you just a lonely cat that lacks,
..love; but in my eyes you saw all
Yet on your choice you oppressed lucks.

Years of maybe, no and yes
Running places, in my ears
Singing pains and fears
….. ‘He has a ship of sheep’
A thousand reasons to hate you
Because your love is cheap.

In his physiological heart,
You are just one of the blood cells
That pass through
Same paths others came and gone
“Is it love you question”
My dear, I have every reasons to hate you.

3green Apples

3green Apples

Seen lots of flesh
On low and high heels,
Turning nightmares to wet dreams
Apple buttoms,
None as dovy as hers

Downy hair
Easy come easy go
Not for her
Not for her ego
As Large as an Eagle

Gifts are earnest dowel of Love
My names she calls
At high ebb
Three green apples she gives.

Three green apples
I never wish to eat
Every moment with it just like her
Was never a drab
But Adam’s apple love it.

Three green apples
Apple for love
Green for its difficulty
Is three (3) for

by Onyeche Vincent Onyeka
(c) https://vinzpoetry.wordpress.com/ follow me on twitter


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