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I Still Smell You

  • Every stranger has your face
  • Everyone walks like you
  • Everyone talks like you
  • Everyone smells like you
  • Every fiber I see is you in a lace.



  • No iTunes yet your voice plays
  • A sweat playlist of all memories
  • Well shuffled in my head
  • Employed to repeating mode
  • Music takes me where words don’t.


  • Thought like season change
  • The music would end
  • I never knew steel is hard
  • I never knew building bridges
  • Is easy until I tired getting over it…


  • In every voice I hear
  • I tend to examine
  • Every eye behind the sunglass
  • Everyone smells like you
  • Yet: they not you.

By Onyeche Vincent Onyeka

© 2013 http://thethruepoesy.wordpress.com

Tales Of A Wife: Anonymous

Her lashes are sooty coal
Her smiles are exactly shaped,
I wish I were a mold.
To stare mutely at her down the road
Watch her laugh out those teeth as white as snow
The trumpeting trumpet, she’s that I love to blow
Maybe she don’t: but I think she knows.

Her backside curved valuable like gold
If she is money my all should be sold
‘Beauty Queen’ I call her chola,
Her architect had a plan neatly nocuous
For making her so deftly gorgeous
Such a beam: she could be my nurture
Even when she says not a word to me by the road,

Her presence is so-so,
She is such a beam never to let go,
Every now and now she walks by the road
High heals talking: I stand like a mold
Eyes wondering like a lost toad
Maybe in her I could find a home
But how can, when she steals an inner-bold?

Dangerously sharp as a woody thorn
For her, my skin is willing to bleed
I hope it yeilds result like a batchfed.
She is a tempting sin I love to hold
Her name she says not to me by the road
My liver and nerves fail,
Science may say its virus but I’m simply scared.

I make no sound nor pretty word
Pretty hurts
Honestly I yield
Wish I could talk
All my coins I drop in a wishing-well,
Yet, most flaunting got me so cold
As she passes by the road.

Tell Me

  • Advise me
  • Keen is clean.
  • Say to love
  • I love you.
  • Hiss to goodbye
  • Kiss me good morning
  • Tell me goodnight
  • Whisper I love you.
  • Drive away the streets
  • Salvage me rehab
  • Stop my bad habits
  • Quench the smoke of my blazing cigarettes.
  • Break my drunken glass
  • Wipe the clog from my glasses.
  • Put a smile on my face
  • Declare I’m an oblige
  • Put in the picture you miss me
  • When I depart,
  • Drag me like a fading graphics
  • Let’s feel the translucent effect,
  • Cry like the rain
  • Say no,
  • Shake your tresses
  • Copy the windy trees.
  • Touch my broad chest,
  • Give me permission
  • To glimpse your broaden hips.
  • Tell me to widen my lips
  • Teach me how to kiss
  • Swallow my red long tongue
  • Bite if you like
  • Passion is action.