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My dark moment – (By Perkins and Vinz)

Deep in my dark moment
When heartbeat drums to burst
With tongue of swollen crust
My tears falls on cement,

Down my cheeks while I blink
Round my lips soft as silk
Dilation, of red inks
Bleeding ruin like soured milk.

It makes me full of fright
For daylight turn to night
Watery blurry sight
Pain so heavy in might.

Now I am shy to meek
Dogs give my chin a lick
For weight has made me sick
Gravic; I feel so weak.

©2017 Vinzpoetry.wordpress.com
Sholukumi Perkins Ayemienokpe
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

Life’s Challenges

I waited for augur, but nothing emerged,
By the major road, very far from cars
Over there stood, my future plans
Staring at the price, a view at hand.

Could it be witches, or an act of God?
That made goals to turn dark cloud
God’s help, I took a step for a gold,
Staring at me at the end of the road.

Running all cylinders, sec turn days
Cars came faster than my widest pace
That I could see my soul on my face…
Staring at me in a near death race.

Now my skin has traces of cracks
From the scars mapping my beards
The more I ran, more cars appeared
Staring at me to give up the marks.

Eachtime I am close to the finish line,
Road expands, new end mark emerge
So frustrating, to the demons I merge
Staring at goals in reflection of its eyes.

But each car I overcame on high speed
Made me realize, that life is a field
Of clear chance, and crude challenges
Staring at us, in line with our strengths.

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