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Princess Blaq

Have you ever had a moment
Where there seems to be a scent
Perfuming right in at your front
But the evil in you seem too faint
And then you suddenly become a saint
Liver and brain seem to fail but the eyes never blinks
A best definition for the enchantments…
I’ve stood opposite Angels along hells road
Been ran over by long blue buses that seem too old
Yet I didn’t get to know her for I lost my bold
But in my mind, naming her was all I could hold
A song never sang, she was all to be told,
A type at seventy that would have no fold
A type all unhappy married men lack
Dark, so I named her Princess Blaq…
For she definitely looks like, the best God ever made.

Tales Of A Wife: Her Plaint Body

At the front of her
She has got that thing
That makes you feel
You are in a state of defrost
Permafrost or a frozen hell.
Then if she passes by
I swear
You will hail sunshine.

Like a willing perdition,
Тake me through hell
So long she’s there,
It is a painless pain
Pick and mix
Spectacular compliment: Sure it is!
Her body is a case
That gets a plaintiff busy.

Plethora fine,
She’s a blissful nightmares
Her body is
A keen evil philanthropist
Petrified is ugly where beautiful she is
So cute like the dickens,
Aphrodite picks up a pen
What’s the ingredient of her fine?

With tangs of flowers,
The doves fly around her:
Oh! what a beauty;
That withers the root of setback
Without a mirror,
No eye sees itself
But her case is out of the shelf.

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