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Shredding pistils

On a mirage, I go gazing
It seems am evanescing
Into shadows of myself
Playing sad songs of faulty clef

I heard you mock my empty belly
Not all flowers bloom that early
Night and day, both can not be on
At same time, hence they take turns

Keep your polishes to yourself
I have accepted I am the shelf
Which termites have so devoured
An also-ran, am not favored

But in all gains, there is a pain
And when I fail now and again
Let’s just say, my success delays
Fruits shall come out from my decay.

©2019 http://vinzpoetry.WordPress.com
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

Flowers Bloom and Fade Away

Yesterday I read a heave sigh

From two beautiful candy friends

One’s voice deep and romantic

The other soft like elastic

With a pair of golden lips

As sweat as red cherries;


Yesterday they had laughter’s

Inviting like temptation

Reminding the aged of the infantile

Remarks that could tears fill the tile;

‘Rome was built not in a day; let’s give it a try’,

They sigh.


Next day I got a headache

From two bitterly barking dogs

Deep, harsh, light and loud

‘Dad … Mum!!!

It will never work; let’s call it off’

They mull.


Today I read yet another sigh

Like tomorrow, yesterday, birthdays,

Christmas and New Year’s Eve

Two beautiful candy friends

Holding candles by the cradle


Hope it’s not another part of a pack

For flowers to bloom and fade away




        By Onyeche Vincent Onyeka

        © 2010 https://vinzpoetry.wordpress.com

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