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A Chat By Brothers

During the days
Days of Dads retirement
Celebration for a new pensioner
On and Off-line
O my brother Uche
Placed Dads’ handsome picture
Over the blackberry messenger
On his public message he wrote:

“Would like to say congrats…
Love you soooo much…
Even if…
I’ve never said it to your face.”

I: Na 9ja pikin you be na

Uche: Lol… Na so e be for Africa joor

I: Have you been to other places?

Uche: In spirit, via inception

I: SA and Ghana are straightforward
Even Tanzania maybe but I must be wrong

Uche: That means we have a long way to go…
Besides I feel if I tell Pops now sef…
He’ll think I’m drunk….
Or worse “I’m about 2 die”.

I: Die, lol…
God made the fools, brainy, Angels and man,
Whichever one is, appreciate it
No mara how you pray, you can’t grow wings
As for telling Dad “I love You”
It is nt a sin: is it?

Uche: Lol, Isn’t.
But feels alien.
Like the taste of acid

I: Then be an alien for the moment
A taste of acid is repository of death
If you must die to tell your papa
‘I love u”
Isn’t it better to die that way
Than to die as Romeo for Juilet?

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