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Sex: The legends of Calabar

Greeks has Aphrodite with love sense
Romans has Venus the love goddess
In Nigeria we have the Calabar girls

At the time of the year hormones swing
I don’t know where your belief springs Nor the notes and the songs that you sing;

There are legends you may not know Girls from Calabar makes stars glow Within genes where expression shows

From a generation into another
They have this suppression of hunger With satisfaction quenching anger

I am not talking the they say things
I am talking from the actions seen
They are perfect with cling and pings

Their waist rotates righteous blend
If you don’t know make them your friend
For Calabar girls are good in bed.

©2017 Vinzpoetry.wordpress.com
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

Tales Of A Wife: City Of Calabar

Mixed with the wind, still waters run deep
Coming-hell ears hear, hot love she drops
City of the clean, adorable and immaculate
A mouth that never runs her own lips
Nor heap a pad where there is or isn’t a hip
Natural overwhelming platonic expression
Philanderer addiction, the vortex of an ocean
Phone number to have, soft and fluffy downy lotion
Aphrodisiacs posterity and an erotic generation
Acoustic sensation of dreams come true on
Chilli bed of an unflappable function
Climaxing to hell beside the phrase maker
Mother library of potion, sex love voucher.


  • In its colored Ink, chalk, and voice box, it echoes
    The names that runs after fathers and sons
    Stinging the muscular and vulgar tongue
    Noticed at the rear of identification
  • Drumming hard, it forces my willing mind into palpitating
    Unconsciously my neck swivel and bend
    It forbids my legs at a standstill, but move
    I dance to the true Africa samba
  • Picking the best of all colorful wrappers, cowries, shrines and its endowment
    Whistling and braying sure we know not but heyday
    The vixen roast, the ram smells good, the wine is natural
    The plebeians’ lives in love waggishly forgetting sorrows
  • written by Onyeche Vincent Onyeka

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