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Nigeria: We are not leopards

Hey! we are not leopards
That can not change their spots
School teaches us to compete
But right now, drop the books

The largest black nation
Should be doing better
Drop the competitions
We learnt on chalk and board

It has so misled us
Hence our Nation crumbles
Let us adopt teamwork
For our Nation to grow.

Hey! we are not leopards
That can not change their spots
Our poor mentality
Need a speedy u-turn.

The largest black nation
Should be doing better
Stop the awful mortgage
Of our children’s future.

We are not immortals
Night and dawn affect not
Let us make a good use
Of our enormous wealth.

Hey! we are not leopards
That can not change their spots
Enough of reoccurring
Painful drawbacks we get.

The largest black nation
Should be doing better,
Not locked and caged inside
Our own stupidity.

For just like charity
That does begin at home;
Our Nation’s growth
Depends so much on us.

©2019 http://vinzpoetry.WordPress.com
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

The little boy

That little boy you know
Is coming to your hometown,
He is coming, with a spoon
Not to fetch from your stew

He is coming with a knife
Not to slit or take a life
He is coming with a red wing
Not to flap showers of blood

He comes with acrimonious gaze
Not to turn you into expatriates
He comes as phoenix from its ashes
Not to avenge the flames before.

He is coming with a shovel,
Not to dig out buried stones,
He is coming with green face
Not to claim your pot of gold

He is coming on bare foot
Not to steal your fancy shoes
He is coming in torn rags
Not to beg for your mercy

He comes with engraved tears
Not to soak them on your shoulders
He comes with all rib cage out
Not to be at your beck and call

He comes with two sharp horns
Not to ram you out of his sight
He comes with hungry stomach
Not eat from your silos and barns

He comes with a loud ringing bell,
Not to dictate the time you eat
He comes informed with aims,
Not to pull the trigger on you,

He comes as the same little boy
In the past that you once knew,
But with a bag of bigger dreams
Worth more than golden thrones.

©2018 Vinzpoetry.wordpress.com
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

Skinny Black Pig

I may be a pig, but not fat
Nor calm as a sleeping cat
Laying on a weaved mat,
While others can not fart…

My forehead has shining scars
Should I nag, count my strands
I was born with enough pain
Quite the number of my hairs…

Take a look at my dull face
Read between my midnight race
You will see a hidden pain
From the sufferings that I gain…

Please, is it a crime or a sin
To be black and skinny as me
Good parents don’t pass to kin
An heritage the pigs have killed.

©2017 Vinzpoetry.wordpress.com
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

Arise o Nigeria

Arise o compatriot
Nigeria’s call obey…
Now that our sweet
Has turned sour;
Let’s not talk in vain
About teas and tales;

Arise o compatriot
Listen to our adages;
Lost is to any child
Who knows not his root
Find our native fowls,
And expose an evil deed…

Arise o compatriot
Milk and honey is here
Buried in an African soil
Let’s build our motherland.
Unity is all it takes
To peacfully wave the flag.

Arise o compatriot
And take us back to great;
Don’t steal sugar cubes
Or wreck these testtubes,
We are already a design
Let’s correct the foundation.

Arise o compatriot,
Let’s repaint the lands,
Far from greedy minds
And selfish democratism…
Interested in potbellies;
Arise o fellow Nigerians.

Prologue: Pages

I have a book, I read and look
On each page is same pretty face
Painted with lost traces of grace.

Life and death; recommend this book,
On each page is a face of a mother,
Looking emotional, sad and bitter.

On each page, is a surprising spitfire,
Toothless fly, turned into a barracuda;
Attacking all her feirced rival.

On each page, her lips does hiss
To failed promises and dried kiss;
Withered are roses around her hips.

On each page, is also a pot of desire
A new hope, pen and also an eraser
To wipe and rewrite the next chapter.

Second String

Second String

O Nigeria

Built by noble pioneers

With ideas as Heroes

Aims, vision in every valued Kobo

Battling for decorative goals

Obstacles she now sees

From the bows and arrows

She aims…

The bull’s-eyes missed

O…o, where went she?

Injustice I suffer than commit

My justice is blinded in truth

From a pregnant tomorrow

I am that young Nigerian

Born in pains trampled by chains

Lead by fathers and mothers

Who intend to sole satisfy their families

O… pioneers I’ve so seen a rare-Devil

I’ve dwelled so long in its evil

To see an eagle turn powerless weevil

I am that young Nigerian

To strike while the iron is hot

In memorandum of understanding, I’m a second string.

By Onyeche Vincent Onyeka

© 2010 https://vinzpoetry.wordpress.com

No more Tortoise signature in Naira Notes

No more Corruption in Nigeria

No more Tortoise signature in Naira Note

No more Tortoise signature in Naira Notes

She is corrupt, they rank

Forgetting that they that know no evil will suspect none,

Please let embrace a changing world

For honesty comes after your honesty

It is the best policy

To enhancing to my great Nigeria politics.

Politics is never perfect,

Consent to its perfection from root to top

Like a palm-tree sincere to palm-wine,


Let her honesty not only pay

But suit critics and everyman.

Now she crafty mould her toil

Honor lies in her honest toil

Not until then,

The tortoise signature

And that stingy magnetic field

Would be printed on the naira note.

By Onyeche Vincent Onyeka

© 2010

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