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Submission of aroha

Know your shape, size, kind and taste
Love is a hat, worn by the heart
The unadulterated sensing spirits
In the heart, knows the hat that fits

“Hey, don’t be picky”; people might say…
Hence the wigs tangled together in hay
Only to wake up, making excuses to bills
Slamming the door, heading for hills.

Realizing love is sometimes by preferences
That they wasted time laying in pretenses.
Just like mission, objectives and goals
Every heart has an eternal vacation to go

“For better, for worse”, in body and soul
Of course, love is something to behold
Around ones taste is where aroha will swing
To the head that naturally fits the wig.

©2019 https://vinzpoetry.wordpress.com
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

Tales Of A Wife: She Can’t Wait

she can't wait

she can’t wait

She is an accident of nature
Totally beautiful from head to toes
She once stood next to him
Things are certainly not as before
She can’t wait because he is not Bill Gate

This girls voice is still an organ in his soul
She knew his voice, the smell of his soul
That; that shines, no longer brightens their souls
She looks into the future with eyes of fear
The man she sees got Wills she thinks are mere wishes.

She just can’t wait
To join him complete his paintings
She doesn’t want
To be an old beautiful lady
Sitting next to him in a work of art.

Though all wives are married
Surely, not all married are wives
Tears on her eyes
She still looks into the future with eyes of fears
The truth she sighs, she just can’t wait.

written by: Onyeche Vincent Onyeka
© 2012
(D²rupoesy)℠ thetruepoesy™

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