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Refrain for peace

Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Buddhist and others
Battle over an ideology tagged by doctrines…
Killing one another; I can’t take it no more.
I am a soloist, singing hello o hell no…..
Please join me and refrain; hello o hell no.

Over the world, in your homes or neighbors
An invisible enemy; poverty and hunger,
Keeps winning as children are dying
I am a soloist, singing hello o hell no…..
Please join me and refrain; hello o hell no.

Parents are crying, yet you fight over doctrines
That were here in rock of ages before you were born.
And would still be, after you are gone
I am a soloist, singing hello o hell no…..
Please join me and refrain; hello o hell no.

Without life there will be no doctrine reader,
Yet for the doctrine, you rake and take lives;
When all doctrines have some common lines
I am a soloist, singing hello o hell no…..
Please join me and refrain; hello o hell no.

The world is older than you, the Creator sees
So practice that you preach, show love to one another,
Irrespective of denominations, cultures and traditions…
I am a soloist, singing hello o hell no…..
Please join me and refrain; hello o hell no.

©2018 https://vinzpoetry.wordpress.com
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

There is God

Severe affliction stroke my mortal kneels
And my hands were fused on a rolling wheels
I struggled like I was about to drown
Then the lights shone for hope to ending frown

I made His word a noble solid ground
Got into prayers on several rounds
I prayed that I walk into daily meal
That grace in the deserts shall favour me

I imagined how on His golden throne
He did bestow on my head a crown
Victory, amongst all I shall heed
And never forget, that there is God.

©2017 Vinzpoetry.wordpress.com
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

Adam’s Story: 9,30 (Death2)

More cruel
And heartless than Cain.

O yes to me it came
And me it flogged
At an age

Old Adam of 930 caps
At this time
E’noch could not be found

Thirty-nine on my top:
Methuselah a boy of my cord
Humbly broke my record

The devil may be wiser
But my seed lived longer
I know my cord.

After Noah died in genesis
Under same chapter
I waited for the next verse

But it never came, my son
What’s wrong with your generation?

I wish;
The difficult pill to swallow now
Never passed my throat

I would have written
A secret of long life
On Proverb 9:30.

Adam’s Story: The First Sin

As the guardian of Eden
I seek fought to my roles
And then returned to my Rose
Who welcomed me and filled my nose.

She smelt good, hands full with that
He said and emphasised: ‘DON’T’
– It wouldn’t kill you
She assured me with evidence

The fragrance intensified
Two sixteen seventeen
I yielded in genesis

Intrinsic power of a woman
Mousetrap on a helpless man
Blinded by the affairs of the heart
Sadly; I couldn’t resist her

– Behold our nakedness!

He called my name
Behind the thick leafy trees
I hide frankenstein’s monsters
Angry was Ultimate Master

Its the woman you gave me
I cried out regretful to Him
-The serpent deceived me
She shifted the blame too

Cursed to labour and pain
Sin and mortality
On the fable of Eve
I and the forbidden fruit.

Adam’s Story: Eve 3 (Adam Meets Eve)

Scared of miss-folding
So I began to search
Search for what?
Some path of me
So I felt and searched in faith.

Destiny was a young lad
It pointed and directed me
So I saw a thing same as me
Doing her thing chemically
Rejuvenating me inwardly.

Has an angel.. in flesh
Missed landed onto Eden?
This and many more
Medley of voices
Questioned my empty head.

O high is heaven
The best on Eden
Time to give a name to expression
For she looked;
Far brighter than the yellow sun

Best He ever made: first mould
And original copy of beautiful
All her marks had a remark
Well pronounced head to toes
Eyes, lips.. forget not her perfect curve.

The snake walked on its legs
I was still blind from lust
Yet I could feel and fall
For not just a thing
But the first woman on earth.

“Bone of my bone”: I quickly said
My missing rib I found
Light in my heart
Like the stars in the dark
Eve: I finally met.

Adam’s Story: Eve 1 (The Deep Sleep)

It was one of those days
As so the bible says
Work, tiredness and then a rest
The day had flogged me with a cain
And the night slowly came.

I laid this body under a shade
Slowly my senses began to fade
From my head on a heaped of leaves
Piled underneath the big trees
That acted as a comfortable pillow aid.

My eyes inwardly rolled back,
White and then no more black
The windows gradually closed.
Then darkness played its part
Didn’t know when
Light came through the other path.

Second String

Second String

O Nigeria

Built by noble pioneers

With ideas as Heroes

Aims, vision in every valued Kobo

Battling for decorative goals

Obstacles she now sees

From the bows and arrows

She aims…

The bull’s-eyes missed

O…o, where went she?

Injustice I suffer than commit

My justice is blinded in truth

From a pregnant tomorrow

I am that young Nigerian

Born in pains trampled by chains

Lead by fathers and mothers

Who intend to sole satisfy their families

O… pioneers I’ve so seen a rare-Devil

I’ve dwelled so long in its evil

To see an eagle turn powerless weevil

I am that young Nigerian

To strike while the iron is hot

In memorandum of understanding, I’m a second string.

By Onyeche Vincent Onyeka

© 2010 https://vinzpoetry.wordpress.com

Don’t Call Me Mad: Morning Prayers

Six A.M the cock crows
Powerless has the nightmare turned
Out of bed we yarn and row
To fetch the breads for a jowl
Before the tongue taste a chow
We knee, to say good morning to Sir
To Him alone that created the time in a clock.

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