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Breathless Desire

Floating on a broad dimension
Drowning at the smell of portion
Can it be straight; ray motions?

Because I can’t comprehend
Why beginnings seem like an end
Heebie-jeebies! it freeze or bend

Even when tested by distance
Lightening may not stand a chance
Traveling farther in a glance

But like dragonfly with six legs
That can not walk; and square pegs
In round holes, there goes the lungs

On pins and needles, getting high
Seeing the apple of an eye
So breathless, becomes of her.

© 2021 http://vinzpoetry.Wordpress.com
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

Desires of man

A man’s mind is polygamous
And in this very context, gender
Isn’t emphatic, a man is you.

You hangout with multiple desires,
Irrespective of the class they are
You always have a reason to dream…

She gives you tomorrow as today
Everyday, yet you crave for more
You rigmarole from pillar to post.

Yes, mans wants are insatiable,
And if you do not know when to stop;
Your quest shall fetch nothing but regrets.

©2019 https://vinzpoetry.wordpress.com
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

In the paradise of my heart

I would love you to dance
Of the beautiful seven veils
Not sex or to dig buried bones
But to have my nerves relaxed.

Easy flowing like the rivers
For the gloom in your light
Keeps detecting dark matters
In the paradise of my heart.

©2018 Vinzpoetry.wordpress.com
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu.

Anticipating desires

Painting thyself
Queen for a King
On thy vine shelf
Laughing all night
To thoughts of thee.

Hoping crown knows
No sad but joy
Falling like dew
From the heavens
Onto the floor.

And with no wings
Mind seems to flew
Winter is hot
And in the night
The Sun still smiles.

©2017 Vinzpoetry.wordpress.com

Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

Tales Of A Wife: Shyer

Everyone likes her
Everyman wants her
First rated, face of a goddess
Frustrating everyman’s
Her gaze is a smearcase
Don’t look or
Fall from a staircase.

She’s this type that
Everyman knows
Although she goes by different names
Sweetie, Pretty-princess
African Queen, was what 2face called her
She’s cool like a sleeping-beauty,
Her parents should have named her Baby-angel for she’s such a love muffin

Everyone likes her
Fallen from the staircase
To some ‘No’, To some ‘Yes’
Then, everyone befriends her.
She’s a man’s fondness
That soft touching,
She talks to a mans heart
With such a large effect.

Everyone likes her
Everyman wants her
Dust in the wind
Coarse thud
Non-in her voice,
Well polished and brushed
She is an Ace.

Not a dog or another loosed animal
Mere hearing her sweet voice
Or seeing her fantastic pretty face
Covered with her
Consistent long dark well-gloomed hair
Hearts be sprinter
To reach the spinster
She is a fits of laughter.

Her seduction and free sights
Get me always in sighs
Only, I say ‘hello’
She reply ‘hi’
Everyone likes her
Everyman has her
But by her
I am a shyer.


Shakespeare’s love suffixes

A poet poetaster,

Attractive disaster

Desirable “Juliet-ana”

Changing language

Admirer’s savage

The owner’s beverage.

A “love-ator”

That Romeo died for

On a romantic “down-fall”,

Wiping the cold-tears

Forever in the heart

“Love-an”, Juliet call him.

Her forever “love-atic”

Shakespeare would call it love-dogmatic

For it’s a simile to the fish and aquatic.


love suffixes

Written by    By Onyeche Vincent onyeka

© 2010


Based on William Shakespeare Story (Romero and Juliet), these verse laments on love using Romero and Juliet as an Imagery. Most of the suffixes used are grammatically wrong. However, with the Poetic license, they are use to rhyme in lines. Such words (suffixes) are:

-ana: Collected items or information pertaining to a subject. (As in Victoriana).

-ator: One that does a thing or art in a way.

– an: on that is from, belongs to. (As in Italian; European; Nicaraguan; Reptilian).

– atic: Of or the nature of. (As in dogmatic; aquatic)

All these were an extra in:





Vamp Desire

Amorous tender,

A good number

She a vampire

Warden to my desire

Dancing to musical-vamp

Slow melody

She steps on my vamp.

Carrying her,

She relaxes

On my shoulders.

When I’m back home

She draws out my ties

Her body talks to me

I feel good in pain.


I stretch

I call her starchy

She hardens me.

Vamp queen

She exploits men

She can’t loan me

For I own her.


Tales Of A Wife: Zodiac Wanderer

In life, there is love
Not even the horns of Aries the ram
Or those of Taurus the bull
Is well-built to uproot love
Love and life is like
Gemini is twin.
We are Cancer the crab
Nothing in life can deprived us
From pinching this love.

In life, you’ll feel that electron
Flowing through electrodes of heart
It never dies outside a blinded fable
Virgin Virgo may refuse the energy:
Truth be told:
On a cradle she shall get laid,
Loosen up and be liberated by Libra
He never fail to balance the synergy. 

Life is a wanderer
Love is its follower
Getting strings attached
Scorpios the scorpion may sting
Sagittarius the archer may shoot
Love never dies,
Its as stubborn as Capricornus the goat. 
If you never loved
You never lived.

Love feeds life and life fits love
’tis like Aquarius the water bearer
And its love-fish
Pisces must swim while it lives
Till the tides separates; Life goes on,
Then love comes by;
Alongside break-up or death
If you’ve never loved, you’ve never lived.

Feel my orgy of self-pity