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Destiny choice

I have journeyed and toured
Into rooms of multiple doors
Future is a pregnant whore
Sorry for the words that I pour
Exposure births such odor
But I know, greatness I am for.

Destiny is a glamour
Frankly, I don’t know which door
That she will choose to come from
Nor her color, size, shape and form
I am in the midst of all
Observing all and doing chores

I have journeyed and toured
Into rooms of multiple doors
Future is a pregnant whore
Sorry for the words that I pour
Till I know the very door
That she decide to come out from.

©2017 Vinzpoetry.wordpress.com
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

Kissing frogs

I still search, for sparks and plugs
Running from, the tramps and prog
Sailing towards a fleet of slug;

But the sea, wants golds to snug
Spring to spring; in a farm of trug
Even the sprug; still gets it wrong.

That is why; my chest needs hug
But, their bodies turn me to mug
Inside which; is a holy pug.

Holy temple, turn to thug
Lost in sin, it makes me a tug
Now I am; heavy pack of lug,

I still search all through the fug
Broken and healed by the shrug
Till I am fit, like butchers dog,

Not for bones; but rose, I dug
On my tongue, yet they came as glug
Sweet and sour, with so many chugs.

I hid heart inside a vug
Preventing it from light and songs
Bees in skirts, and dampen logs

Wait a while to make it long
Maybe to kill these growing bugs
Perhaps pluck almogs with jug.

Or to end these cold and fogs
What I search for; is just a drug
Sweet mistake in kissing frogs.

© Vinzpoetry.wordpress.com

®All right Reserved

Prologue: Pages

I have a book, I read and look
On each page is same pretty face
Painted with lost traces of grace.

Life and death; recommend this book,
On each page is a face of a mother,
Looking emotional, sad and bitter.

On each page, is a surprising spitfire,
Toothless fly, turned into a barracuda;
Attacking all her feirced rival.

On each page, her lips does hiss
To failed promises and dried kiss;
Withered are roses around her hips.

On each page, is also a pot of desire
A new hope, pen and also an eraser
To wipe and rewrite the next chapter.

Mystery Flower

Top the mountain are varying flowers,
Expanding as fast as they can bloom
Prolly exhibiting joy to the smiling sun
To whom is proud into what thou had turn.

But up same mountain I know of a flower
So beautiful and lovely; the word is her…
Started from the root: should you had seen her
Thou would prolly think, she’s gonna die.

Then her petals were rare to find
Her leaf was fresh, even to the blind
This mystery flower took 15yrs to bloom,
When all of its age are either withered or dry.

…Was it hope that kept thee?
Or had thou seen thy future before sown?
For every sunshine and rainfall
It stayed dormant yet perfecting itself.

Now it is the most talked about flower
It is in thy gene; God’s perfect design
Back in time; other flowers
Prolly will think, she’s there for the count.

Compare not thy growth to thou
There’s a difference in destiny path for thee
Top the mountain flowers varies
And so they bloom at their individual time.

Akalaka (Destiny)

Equality is not to all child from a mother’s womb
Variety is a music they dance and hum
So compare not thy growth to that of thou
For everyone may not be great, but bless and endow.

The race to the end of the road
Might have begun on same gunshot
But in life, completion matters irrespective of time
Destiny is the end, with many left and right to it.

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