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Dead Dream’s Dream

Dreams change the world at large
Hence it chose you to dream and create
Writing new ranges in pages
Of morning dew drops to elate.

More than Seas, tall as hills
Bright as sunlight was future you
Now I see cup of teas
Cracking starlight falling as cubes.

My hopes blew; I told you
To walk away from cold embrace.
I showed you not all new
Dawns bring today in all man’s race.

But the you that you are
Looked for roses elsewhere and flied
Black and blue, blunt and cruel,
He killed you there on dreaming bed.

©2019 http://vinzpoetry.wordPress.com
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

#Haiku: Up

I have just a dream,
To be the cream of the crop
Stay up never drop.

Rough, smooth, up and down
I see myself, smile not frown
At the peak and brim.

Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

Akalaka (Destiny)

Equality is not to all child from a mother’s womb
Variety is a music they dance and hum
So compare not thy growth to that of thou
For everyone may not be great, but bless and endow.

The race to the end of the road
Might have begun on same gunshot
But in life, completion matters irrespective of time
Destiny is the end, with many left and right to it.

Ten Millions of Dreams

In ten millions of dreams
It takes but threads and needles to sow yourself a gown
Don’t be envious when you see colors in uptown
Their laughter didn’t appear without a moan
You see fruits they plucked from a time they have sown…
In ten millions of dreams
Work hard and bring the house down
Then millions shall befit your crown
You’ll get all colors, be it white, black or brown
Telling your stories while you still move an eye brow.
In ten millions of dreams
All I need is an unending ten million success drown
From my pretty smile foundation of frown
Once shaded upon a time in a no grass lawn
Until then my nights shall be my dawn!!!


In the bus while heading away
From the light of the nation,
To the finger of God
After the battle; a normal occupation
I observed the feeling; a peaceful illusion
When I closed my eyes, calm I became an ocean
Free from worries and trepidation
Lighter and lighter I held imagination
In my head, a pen and paper illustration
Up and down the bus rolled-
Along the road my eyes still close
Not asleep but I researched
Never understand; never had a dream
Or taken the time to correlate this.

Teen’s Dream

This allosteric heart of mine
Has got me into loving again
An uncertain trade for a gain
The lady in me moan
The moan of love
Deep within from a several gaze
Of, I think I have finally found you.

‘Bring more my friend, how much is it’
His thick lovely voice raised me high
Then the golden gate of heaven
Slammed before me, I fell
This is that kind of love
Quickly traded for a sin
O! Yeah sinner… My pastor will say:

Should I be blamed-
Or be God?
He is a prototype of an angel
His look is bright and beautiful
Need his ears to sing a new song.
‘Hi’, he said starring at me
With a sky-looking gaze I ignored;

‘Hey’, I finally replied in lady’s mood,
So fast we became friends
A lock and key model
I am the only one
Who could unlock his affection
I guess we were made to be
From heaven a perfect match

We walk and walked
Down the dark lonely road
Talked and talked
Of course laughed and laughed
Time ran so slow
Our mood became slow
The way home seemed stretched

I stretched my hands around
Around his tender short neck
As he grabbed my feminine thigh
The next part
Would have been the best
Kukurookooooo! the cock crowed

Bang bang bang
Granny banged my door
‘Wake up you lazy girl
It is past six you’ll be late for school”
Eyes open, all I had was
A lifeless pillow in-between me
It shouldn’t have been a dream.

Unintentional Existence: The Day I Die

The Day I Die
I Wonder,
I Wonder…
The Applauses And Folded Hands
Tears That Must Have Seeded Onto The Sands
Texture Of Woods Underneath The Lands
The Day I Die
I Wonder.

I Wonder
The Attire The Motionless Body Abode
Tabby Bodies In Stripes
Turning Grey All The Way
Tangs From An Organic Being
The Flesh So Protected Decay
I Wonder,
The Number Of Bacterial Satisfied.

The Day I Die
I Wonder,
If The Angels Would Rejoice Or Cry
Top And Bottom, Which Would I Path
Thankful I Would Be,
Though My Flesh Feels Not
I Wonder…
If I would Recur It Is The Common Factor We All Share.

By Onyeche Vincent Onyeka
(C) 2012

Mosquito in my forty winks

As the moon rises to set and rise again

Midnight is always a trash

On my eyelash

I feel its caress and touch

In the broad daylight while I catnap

It sucks; I regret, slap and clap

I keep it on the hush

Uproar is on a rush

Wildness is never frost

I snuff while I scratch

It sucks;

I regret, slap and clap

Music nourishes the soul


This one perishes the core

Unseen approaching siren

I lean….

My pillow is helpless;

I am defenseless.

Where is my net?

In the darkest night while I rest

My sweet-dream

A changing nightmare

I can hardly crash or open my eyes

From right to left

Then right again, I keep turning

My innocent face is unsteady

Greasy and spotty

My hands and legs are very busy

I clap, slap and scratch

I bleed….

My ears and nails must feel guilty

I hear then I am clapping

Blame my skin for feeling

I never blame mosquito

Till I am down with malaria.

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