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End Of A Silly Love Tale

No more stepping towards you

Our footprint prints wearisome

Paces has refuse to take adventure

Nor be displacing to your indecisive place.


I heard them asking, gossiping all around

If we’re anywhere to be found

Painful laughter they all exploded

Sincere love they showed, distracting you caught me hound.


Now I’m that lost love they loved the most

Irrational feelings though you’re more beautiful never the best,

Stolen from friends now it ends, hope I’ve learned how to live half-alive,

For what went back just came back around.


Seriously, you and I just pretend we knew

Thinking it takes soonest to fall in love

Thinking it takes more to understand love

Unfair love I waited all day long.


You crave not, hiding all regret

Lost in trance a no come back

Silly love tales from hanker to combat

Like a hawk swiftly you swerved, indecisive sincere love neglect


To others who lost me, love warms a bed

To the one I devote to, on her bed I catch a cold

Nobody believes there is an iced inside my soul

Snow in my heart glad I learned how to live half-alive.


Fallen hell no, I’ve grown way too strong

And above an idea to fall back in your arms

Not if you’ll be here, there or call me a dear

On your footprint is engraved regret.




By Onyeche Vincent Onyeka

(C) 2010 https://vinzpoetry.wordpress.com

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