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Expression Eruption: Ethnical Man

The ethical man believes in everything
A right to sin or say; tell the lie
A right to be righteous; thus
A right to be bound or say be liberated
When no road is straight and clear.

The ethical man sees fact in anything
Fat or thin, robust or slim
To him life is a nephron of factors
Every connecting capillary matters
He makes his point with a pinch of salt.

The ethical man is good in chess
In killing something big he never use
Anything equal or bigger
For the outcome from onset
Is usually small or smaller.

The ethical man sees things
From all possible parameters
For if a big heart is divided
By something microscopic
The scattered pieces is often larger
He will never divide 1 or anything greater
By anything less or far lesser than zero.

An ethical man is a diplomat
Favours anything base on its concept Everything matters no matter how small
Religion and culture
Yet they say; he is so sceptical
When culture is a religion
And a religion a culture.

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