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  • A moment they see through
  • And at another,
  • It is opaque.
  • Two-timing,


  • Love is depraved
  • Frozen,
  • The hearts drummed hard as though it were a time-bomb.
  • Caught red-handed in action,


  • Immediately the arouse dampened.
  • Tears cover the white shining eyeballs
  • And ready to roll.
  • Crystal clear,


  • It formed a transparent ball flakes
  • That with the fear of loosing someone dear,
  • The eyelashes blinked
  • Making the tears to flush


  • Along the channels beside the nose.
  • Obeying gravity,
  • The droplets landed in the hot black tea,
  • It rocked the cup


  • and gently faded away.
  • Unfaithfulness …
  • The sound of a broken heart,
  • Under the pain of death


  • Fame by the flame;
  • It measure its height with the elms.
  • Shame of the same,
  • It either salaams or lure the elms to be gone with the wind.


  • So much to give, a shame to see two folks argue and cry
  • Making the word ‘you use to’
  • Be frequent.
  • A shame to say it’s over;


  • And babyish to cry a river
  • The love that was thought to be true
  • Got speared and broken.
  • No more laughter sounding like the sliding glasses


  • Nor as though it were from a laughing jackals’,
  • No more weaknesses,
  • No more sacrifices,
  • And no more care


  • Changing …
  • The storyline is tragic
  • Nothing is permanent
  • Loosen love,


  • treacherous affair.
  • Still,
  • The pleasant fragrances of Perfumes
  • Is etched in the mind.

By Onyeche Vincent onyeka

© 2009