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Home is all

Not so big and not so small
A lot have passed through these walls
With enough room to swing the cat
Family is all, it is a fact.

Though the pot may call a kettle black
Respect was all I should never lack
Till I became a constant guest
Causing so many unrests.

My home remains not fed up
Of all troubles and flip-flops
Now I know why dead bodies
In graveyards, have no enemies.

Heat I give, hell can not bear
Yet, it welcomes me dearly,
Within block of steady tears
Refilling glass used to cheer.

Just like the leg I stand on
Evidence can not be burnt
I am an ugly monkey
But my home tightly hugs me.

Each time the world rejects me
Its roof accommodates me
When I drag its name in muds
It grows mad yet breaks no bond.

I broke windows on my way
Getting my words in edgeways
I abuse where I belong
At the top of my own lungs.

I pulled out accessories
With all flaws and excesses
Even as a black sheep blind,
Home is all I ever found.

©2020 https://vinzpoetry.wordpress.com
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

Secrets to reaching grey

My best advice to every man
Is never to ever lose an arm
These days trousers cut across genders
Struggling to fulfill agendas

My best advice to every man
Is never to ever lose an arm
This arm is not the anatomy
Neither the spans and weaponry

My best advice to every man
Is never to ever lose an arm
In strength and support rendered
By love, family and friends

They are the might in an entity
Fused as power of longevity
My best advice to every man
Is never to ever lose an arm.

©2019 https://vinzpoetry.wordpress.com
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

Proliferation (Family Conflict)

Our childhood fool-around
A wiry course
Curse thrown at each other
Had a lexis we didn’t mean.

Foes molested me
Hard you fought for me
My family and only true friend
I didn’t dream of an end.

When love was time
You said to me
Go get her
Then it wasn’t overrated.

Same flour we mixed
Same plate we licked
Same floor we swept and slept
Creative clay playmate I always felt.

Tortoise and stories
Together we got into troubles
Face down, sorry you said,
When I was wiped to bed.

In a keg party, intoxicated,
You threw away my drink keg
And backed me home by leg
Not anymore; health you always beg.

Time dashed wrinkles with hatred
Diabolic-shots on same-blood
Caused by sandy land
Vanity wealth inheritance

All these are mere jealousy
Brothers, sisters
We were best of family and friends
What has come in-between us?

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