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Love was

They say
Love is
A collision
Of hearts,
But to us
A pollution
By size,
The pores
We leaked.

Sixth sense
Of grapes
Bright light
Beautiful Apes
Fifty shades
Of color fades
Love we made
Was like
Heads and braids.

Love forever
A feeling felt
Until we lost
Its sense to
Sweet sour
Lesson learnt
The eyes picked
Who to love
And the heart
Can rejected it…

Roses and guns
Love was
All we ever felt
It was meant
To be our scent
It was a bullet
It was the heat
Till the warmth
Of two hearts
Began to melt…

Mosquito in my forty winks

As the moon rises to set and rise again

Midnight is always a trash

On my eyelash

I feel its caress and touch

In the broad daylight while I catnap

It sucks; I regret, slap and clap

I keep it on the hush

Uproar is on a rush

Wildness is never frost

I snuff while I scratch

It sucks;

I regret, slap and clap

Music nourishes the soul


This one perishes the core

Unseen approaching siren

I lean….

My pillow is helpless;

I am defenseless.

Where is my net?

In the darkest night while I rest

My sweet-dream

A changing nightmare

I can hardly crash or open my eyes

From right to left

Then right again, I keep turning

My innocent face is unsteady

Greasy and spotty

My hands and legs are very busy

I clap, slap and scratch

I bleed….

My ears and nails must feel guilty

I hear then I am clapping

Blame my skin for feeling

I never blame mosquito

Till I am down with malaria.

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