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In need of Peace

Yes the double green is multilingual
I foresee a dialect infused in all tribes

And that dialect is a universal peace
Flowing through the uptight tongues

Like breeze so the fabrics can breath
With ease, for the world to be at peace.

Up the North, is a pool of bloodshed
South south has a series of thug war,

I wish the white doves will rove free
So the dirty black oil and air can be pure

Such that everyday brings forth peace
And self belief, unity and good deeds.

Love and safety would be an household name
Kindness shall be phenomena and free for all

East to west, both the poor and rich
Shall have tall strong standing trees

Growing firmly from the root in peace
Making black lives on earth an ease.

Cock: Chibok

Is she fading so soon
Like the ripples of the river nile?
Just a schoolgirl young pretty thing
Studying at a spot on the map of her destiny
Advocate of true law but the fingers of injustice
Forcefully grabbed, adopted and ridicule her.

In the forest of her very mother land
On her hands
She’s carrying crosses of gamely sorrows
No one could buy for any kilo or kobo
Cock! set her free, let her go!!!
To her wiping parents who has lost hope.
The whole life ahead of her
You’ve held by a timely bomb.

Is she fading so soon
Like the ripples on river nun?
Her feet are worn
As she Journeys through bushes
Bruised and abused
She hopes she’s still alive
Making loud painful cry.

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