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For you

Eachtime you move, time stands still
You are so pure and so well distilled;
Impressively, if you were to be drilled
You’ll be a price target that can’t be killed;
For you, the ice shall blaze and the fire will chill.

In love kitchen, like a Chef, I’ll cook you a meal
With love recipe and admiration as grill;
I’ll write you a poem and sing to your thrill,
Show you skills and fetch you a bluegill,
The bills I’ll pay, for your gallery freewill.

Without them, no you and is my life unfulfilled;
Ravishingly, your beauty on heal, is high as a hill;
And if you were a milk, you’ll never be spilled,
You as a poison, I’ll go for a steady refill,
And if your love is an illness,  I’ll pop no pill…
For you are, my existence and holygrill.

I hate to love you

…… I hate to love!!!
… My eyes, nose and both lips too
Involuntarily ligates by affection of you.

…… I so hate to love
… My brain identity and heart catch a flu
Increasing in activity each time I think of you.

…… I so much hate to love
… Maybe because you are emotionally wicked too
Intentionally not willing to know I really love you… 

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