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There is God

Severe affliction stroke my mortal kneels
And my hands were fused on a rolling wheels
I struggled like I was about to drown
Then the lights shone for hope to ending frown

I made His word a noble solid ground
Got into prayers on several rounds
I prayed that I walk into daily meal
That grace in the deserts shall favour me

I imagined how on His golden throne
He did bestow on my head a crown
Victory, amongst all I shall heed
And never forget, that there is God.

©2017 Vinzpoetry.wordpress.com
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

Praise God

I drank of the cup
In the shelter of my parents
I screw up sometimes
I wimp too sometimes
But I see no reason to forget.

I was led and wired up
I smelt the undefined breathe
Of sins I experienced as health
Though I fight for wealth
I shall not cease to praise God.

©2017 Vinzpoetry.wordpress.com
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

Miracle and Drug

I took pills
In the clubs
Landed on a bed
Hospital, temples
And Shrines..

The Rabbi sees
Doom and blessings
Taking turns;
But every day
A cell die, one is born.

The medic says
Stomach healing came
From swallow pills
But every four days
Comes a new lining.

Signs and wonders;
But do recovery
Come from prayers
Every twenty eight day
Comes a skin layer.

Now who is right?
Every sixteen
To eighteen month
To a new body
A cell is formed.

The herbalists say
The “Abrakatabra”
Renew the skin,
Yet our body
Is a renewable resource.

Let’s cut the sight,
Right to the chase
Who is right,
Medic, tradition
Or religion?

I’m not saying
There is no God;
Culture and tradition
The body is of God’s
Miracle and drug.



So incomplete

Tell me of what purpose
Is a neck without a head
Or a head without a game
Or chess game without a king
Or a king without a throne
Or a throne without subjects
Or subjects without a face
Or a face without a teeth
Or a teeth without a mouth
Or a mouth without a tongue
Or a tongue without a taste
Or a taste without judgement
Or judgements by the moon-blind

What use is moon without Sun
Or the Sun without the light
Or the light without the heat
Or the heat without the cold
Or the cold without a breeze
Or the breeze without the chill
Or the chill without a road
Or the road without a path
Or the path leading no where
Or a crowded place yet empty
And no world, yet with round fences
Without you things make no sense
With a sense so incomplete.

By Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu
© Vinzpoetry.wordpress.com
Photograph Sourced from artfido on instagram

Trouble knows me

Trouble knows me well
Trouble rings my bell
Trouble brings me hell
Trouble always care.

Every time I sail
I get many nails,
Piercing through my ship
Sinking my great sail.

Am I really cursed?
The preachers do say
For all your sins boy
The debts He had paid.

I often try to pray
But to no avail
And each time I sail
There comes another nail.

Dear Scientist

Dear Scientist
You will be odd
Without his light..

Might makes right
Don’t against God
Pick up a fight,

He controls breath;
On his hand
Lies life and death.

Rivers of life

When sailing
In the rivers of life,

Expect it all
A wind for a sail

Smooth and rough
Comes a tide in life

Let no antics
Kill your plights

Know that, none can curse
The blessings by God

So seek and find
His mights and right

When sailing
In the rivers of life.

Why boast

This life is so frosty
Illusions make it hot,

Dry, wet, tough and dusty:
All in vanity, yet we boast

When God holds the oust
Of the seas and floating boats

With His upthrust graces,
Peddling and navigating us

Coast to coasts;
By His grace, yet

We take to pride that
We are meant to be the sailors

And pirates all by ourselves;
Forgetting that life is our host

And we are its guest; to dust
One day, we will be a ghost.

Wonderful world

How great
Is our God
Who made
The stage
For breath.

Let’s push away
The curtain
Of foolishness
From our
Shallow brains.

Give praises
To the God
Who created
This wonderful world…

Underneath the yellow moon

​We laid underneath the yellow moon

Mumbling about the pasts and the soon

Seven pretty jolly good fellows and I….

From wayback, the clean, dirty, bad and good.

We laid, legs out; heads on the woods,

Fused, up the galaxy’s doors we stared,

Listening to the revibrating muted sky…

The feelings were so unexplainable 

Like the eyes that can’t see itself.

Gazing at the sky’s map, arts and lights

Funny, it draws, in all layers of its shelf.

Ooo…. What can be life!!

We laid underneath the yellow moon

Wondering about the rejections of the craft 

Should the Creator…

Had written a proposal for grant;

To create a world so beautify in sight

Sounds, smell, and magically feelings…


We laid underneath the yellow moon

Wondering how time is so capable,

Capable of the immeasurable flights….

Our moment met the moons low tune

Where all we shared down previous past

Became unsettled and shed tears down same path

Gushing and Dancing out in memorial honey tour

Surely, we will miss this world when we die.

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