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Dead men tell lies on May 29th

29th May hurts….!!!
Of what use are boats
If they can not float
Politicians pie
Countless lies on lies.

Lying through the teeth
Out comes the sworn oath
Last lines they recite
The flags are replaced,
Signs of the new race.

Up goes the bullets,
Twenty one loud shots,
Another man to eat
Another zone defaced
To frustrate the new face.

©2019 http://vinzpoetry.WordPress.com
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

When it is raining



The Government is useless,

Our money they take

Calm down young man!

Faith is all the heart should bear

The government is like the church:

Drops of idea, pastors get richer

New cars, houses and industries

Yes you may want to criticize

But glued at a point the tongue must mute.

The Government is useless    

Our head they knit

Calm down young man!

Get used to it…

Presentation and packaging is the term

The government is like a hospital

Find out later:

But right now, their words make a dead man breath

The government has its own ethics.

The Government is useless

Power is within a family circle

Calm down young man!

Some people are born kings

Some people slave: So is fate

Just like a good movie

Few people on camera

Many others behind…

Choose your fate

The Government is useless

Corruption here and there

Calm down young man!

You alone cannot change the world,

But: You can cast a stone

Across the waters to create many ripples

One gesture, one somebody, one moment at a time

Then acceptance brings down walls

And that is how change transpires.

For after all,

The best thing one can do

When it is raining

…Is let it rain!




By Onyeche vincent Onyekachukwu

© 2013


Sea in storm

Cheers to my head shaped nation
Lying on the bed of roses…
In Lugard’s unification.
Three tribes wry for the best
That was; slavery annexation,
Your fathers and mothers must have smiled.

Cheer-up, the worst is yet to come
Not for long, snow skins had to go
Hearts sees what brain know not
Green and white Eagles flip flopped a storm
Men are what their mother made them…
But, what was her goal?

Drink on, I tell you the past is a bucket of ashes.
Eagles meant celebrating with the storm.
Tribune must have turned, issuing tribulation.
East now tweets “why not serve in stand and wait”
West had issues with same power.
Hold a man down, you have to stay down.

Drink for that he has is better than ours
South south wealth and loses
North masked no joke grenades
Religion and crises,
Boko Haram is to them what perfume is to flowers.
My headshaped nation has a sea in a storm.

(C) 2012

written by Onyeche Vincent Onyeka

Second String

Second String

O Nigeria

Built by noble pioneers

With ideas as Heroes

Aims, vision in every valued Kobo

Battling for decorative goals

Obstacles she now sees

From the bows and arrows

She aims…

The bull’s-eyes missed

O…o, where went she?

Injustice I suffer than commit

My justice is blinded in truth

From a pregnant tomorrow

I am that young Nigerian

Born in pains trampled by chains

Lead by fathers and mothers

Who intend to sole satisfy their families

O… pioneers I’ve so seen a rare-Devil

I’ve dwelled so long in its evil

To see an eagle turn powerless weevil

I am that young Nigerian

To strike while the iron is hot

In memorandum of understanding, I’m a second string.

By Onyeche Vincent Onyeka

© 2010 https://vinzpoetry.wordpress.com

Iroma !

  • Iroma,
  • Happy October
  • Do we regret or rejoice
  • Over your independence
  • When corruption, negligence,
  • And institutionalizing democracy still prevails?


  • Chukwu,
  • Our fleshy tissue freezes and heart bleeds.
  • Should your faithful servants
  • Tell the plebs
  • To stand or take on heels  
  •  As the sandy valleys turns rocky hills?
  • You haven’t failed us, but
  • The Oceans are dried lakes.
  • Fishes are strangulating and,
  • The most awful is that,
  • Big whales are comfortable
  • In the dried lakes…What do we do?


  • Iroma… Hurry up!
  • Why allow the maestros
  • Tune to your sluggish pace
  • For sunshine has turned night-rays
  • Chalk and cheese, is your
  • Progress and prolong; big rivals!


  • To succumb to the alum?
  • Osolobue! Le’
  • Look at your plebs
  • Sliding and snail-stepping 
  • Along faceless fate of the sluggish Iroma.

By Onyeche Vincent onyeka

© 2010


Iroma means snail in Ika- Delta State Nigeria.

It serve as an imagery here. Representing the Sluggish development of Nigeria.

Iroma! why have you refused

To succumb to the alum?

Chukwu, means God

Osolobue! Le’ means God! Look

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