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Why do gods extend left hands?

At first, with a right hand
The gods gave a large farm
All sorts of essential plants
And made them to grow well.

These plants were varied
Just like the five fingers
But they had such a beauty
In their great diversities.

Record books postulated
A bountiful harvest
The store rooms were expanded
Not until, one fateful day,

The same immortal gods
Whose benevolence poured
From their powerful right hand;
Extended their very left hand

Then from another end
The ice cap began melting
And the great Sea’s level
Tremendously grew

Birthing a stubborn flood
That came with a full force
From the coast, without fear
Wiping away the entire farm.

©2020 https://vinzpoetry.wordpress.com
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu.

Expression Eruption: Mitigating the ream

You grace a flesh if you take a breath
From a recycling sperm and egg
An eclipse or an enclosed system or earth.
Mere human stretch your haematic hands
To thumb through and touch the skies
Rather love and hate at same time
To free the gains by cascading germs.
Inks we paint last for a donkey years
If it drops, down it comes like giant tears.
Socrates insane; but has a right
To let it grow a green with a light
A tuber of yam he may wish to plant
While dropping in the sky a vapour of wit
For you and the coming to take home with

Mere human let this not be so confusing
For whatever we generate stays with us
It’s essential to note the anthropogenic
More of it no clouds but smog
Giant tears drops while skins turn alien
Aliens living in an isoform of the sun
Earlier now to mitigate the ream
For unto our faith or fate
They shall be no heaven, no hell:
If no spherical earth.

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