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Ebu wonder

I have seen a basket fetch water
From lakes, streams and rivers.

I have seen a piece of fabric
Once in a flat and tiny box

Danced unaided like the winds
Rising from an ancestral spine;

Taping the spiritual energies of life,
By the sounds of an African drum.

Unspeakably, like the leaven of a yeast
It rises strong like a bunch of bamboos

Patterns are the orders of the world
But I fail to unravel a masquerade logic

So, come and see for yourselves
A piece of cloth and body of the gods

The gods of the land, you called dead
Sensationally, rising from lifelessness

To reclaim the heights from the roofs
Tallish Iroko tree and layers in the skies,

Come and see the famous Ebu wonder
As it dances and grows taller than trees.

Native Fly: Africa

Land of great minds, leaders and subjects
‘Uh, oh no!’
High and low, beauty for sure
Sweet and sour, but sugariness more promising;

East to west, no lazy man in the vast east
Who know not how to compel his brown skin to struggle
Irrespective of pre-eminent beauty and splendour
Tiling the soil when the sun fries the most
Nor set traps with bamboos to catch wild beast in Tanzania.

There is no true inhabitant of the west
Loathing to let-slip enthusiasm
Dwelling in or outside the marvellous crystalline rocky land
Of a huge Nigeria black, a Ghana brown,
And a Sierra Leone blood red sand.

Calling himself an African
Bearing a black coloured name
Loving the African Culture and claims to have heard
Great minds like Mandela,
And wouldn’t believe that Africa is destined for greatness.

Is it the enormous Central, historic North or South?
The white and black in shield and craton
Histories, oh great Egypt!
First in many, last in a few
Diverse ethnic groups beautiful cultures, arts and designs.

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