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Tales Of A Wife: Honeymoon

Make your blanket a tent
We have that underdog talent
To crawl to heaven by feet…

Like dogs our tongue shall lick
Every bit of salt,
Makeups and perfume worn…

Kiss me with a smile
To blow my mind
Forever and ever: all the time…

Worry not the cardiac
Touch my body while we play ball
Sucking like suckling: we naked in cold…
Arouse me and keep me up
Between the crab legs
Or behind the magnificent apple behind…

Hug me, caress me, squeeze me
Like it’s the last time you will ever see me
Underneath your flaring tent, mill me…

Arouse me and keep me up
Let’s be gods for the moment
Naturally creating life all night long…

Until the sun cast our shadows
Rocking and stroking in honeymoon
…Don’t stop the action…

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