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Nigeria: Atiku’s Cross

What can the Eastern wind do
What can the Rainforest do
When the heats from the North
Are “dying moistures of hope”
Aided by the center tears
And the broom from West
Fervently sweeping droplets
Falling to dust off dark clouds
Fuming the entire green.

Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

Nigeria: Nepotism

We are not yet a centuary old
Though we are Africa’s flagship

Our flagpole is a broken horn
Dirty degrading, raged and torn.

Its fabric is a rag of a torn hope
Lost in a trench of a challenger deep.

Have in mind, challenges are but;
A good propeller to heights and great.

Great is a Nation, that stand tall
Against tribalism and apocalyptic fall.

We don’t need calls to fall the trees
Of nepotism, rooted in our homes.

Nepotism is a man of few capacities
Positioned in by his blood relatives,

Relatively dimming the opportunities
Of the very most qualified abilities.

Mostly, nepotism is a hug and shake
That will hardly give but often take.

Nigeria: Optimism

Let’s talk about teas and tell tales;
Waving a flag that was once great,

In optimism, let’s sow sweet seeds
And regain assurance of a lost faith.

Don’t despise our mother sands
Rock of ages will make us great.

Let’s be optimistic for better days
While we remodel our falling tent.

Have in mind, we are but relatives
Harbourers of two green and white.

Let’s talk about teas and tell tales;
Waving a flag that was once great.

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